Sep 2, 2021
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Reshetova, who adopted Islam, teaches her one-year-old son about Muslim books

Anastasia published footage of her son reading the Hadith of the Prophet on the plane.

Anastasia Reshetova with her son Ratmir Photo:

There are rumors on the network that the baby was baptized by Christianity as a newborn.

Timati’s son was born on October 16, 2019. The model is actively involved in his upbringing, takes him on trips and introduces him to books. One of them is a legend that she defiantly posted on Instagram.

Earlier, Reshetova converted to Islam, as reported to the audience in a monologue on the YouTube channel. The audience hounded her for not complying with religious rules.

The mother of her son Timati made it clear that religion is of great value to her, since she teaches her son to it from an early age. Although, fans believe that she herself violates the canons of Islam.

Reshetova showed the processes of raising her son Photo collage: Instagram @ volkonskaya.reshetova

There is information that the boy was baptized in Christianity after birth. Gossip about the ceremony was not confirmed. Timati’s mother said in the comments that parents will decide for themselves which faith to instill in their children. The religion of the rapper’s eldest daughter is also unknown. The musician is of the opinion that God is one.

Now the model has admitted that she has a boyfriend. Timati and the mother of his son broke up at the beginning of 2021. The fans thought that the girl decided to change religion precisely because of her new lover. She denied this and stated that she “always wore a headscarf.”

At the end of 2021, Ratmir will turn two. A wonderful age when a child perceives everything that he sees from the behavior of his parents, psychologists say. The boy develops according to his age – he walks well on his own and pronounces certain words.

Olga Dobrotvorskaya

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