Jan 23, 2021
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Reshetova explained why she could not become the wife of a poor man

Former lover of rapper Timati, model Anastasia Reshetova admitted that she could only marry a wealthy man.

The celebrity shared her thoughts on the well-being of her future spouse on her Instagram page. The model decided to chat with subscribers who asked her questions in Stories. Reshetova was asked to honestly answer if she could marry a poor man.

“Honestly, no. A man should be stronger than me in all respects, including financial, ”said ex-lover Timati.

At the same time, Reshetova would not abandon her beloved if he became impoverished at some point. The model said that in such a situation she would try to help the chosen one.

Anastasia Reshetova met with Timati for several years. In 2019, the couple’s son was born, who was named Ratmir. The rapper and his beloved broke up when the child was not yet a year old.

After breaking up with Reshetova, it was announced that Timati would become the new hero of the “Bachelor” show. According to some fans, the model and the rapper are still together, but they hide it because of the project. Reshetova recently intrigued subscribers by showing flowers and a note from a stranger, but fans suggested that Timati sent the present.

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