Oct 8, 2021
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Researchers have uncovered the secret to the success of motivated people

Scientists from the University of Florida decided to assess the relationship between the ability to set long-term goals and autobiographical memory. Earlier research studies have shown how important the ability to retain vivid memories is in controlling one’s emotions and building relationships with others, the researchers said.

The study started in January-February 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic began. About 800 volunteers were polled, in which they reported on the goals in life and the tasks completed on the way to it. In July, when the US coronavirus epidemic was in full swing, participants were asked to share their memories and experiences six months ago.

Volunteers with clear goals in life described their memories more vividly and more coherently compared to participants who were not as focused. Scientists noted not only a good memory of such people, but also the ability to describe their impressions in detail and emphasize positive emotions.

The researchers also found that the symptoms of depression, which a large number of people developed during the pandemic, did not affect the ability to remember vivid details.

“This study provides us with more data on the relationship between goal-setting ability and wealth of personal memories. Their brightness and how they fit into a coherent narrative may be one of the ways in which the goal leads to the best results, ”the scientists say.

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