Oct 16, 2020
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Representatives of Soyuzmultfilm denied rumors that Dima Bilan will take part in their new film about Cheburashka

19:21, 15.10.2020

The singer will perform the song of Gena the crocodile in an online concert that is not related to the film studio's project.

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This week there was information that Dima Bilan will perform the song of the crocodile Gena from the cult Soviet cartoon about Cheburashka. The singer himself announced this in his microblog on Instagram. He performed an excerpt from a song about a birthday and asked to guess which song he was recording for Soyuzmultfilm.

Immediately after this statement, a number of media outlets published the news that Dima Bilan took part in a new full-length film about Cheburashka. According to the news, the artist voices the crocodile Gena in the Soyuzmultfilm project. However, representatives of the film studio issued a statement denying the rumors. “Participation in the film was attributed to Bilan by the media. In fact, the singer is participating in an online concert, where compositions from popular cartoons will be performed, "the Soyuzmultfilm press secretary said. Marina Malygina in a conversation with a KP correspondent.

Dima Bilan will perform the song of Crocodile Gena in an online concert

By the way, the Soyuzmultfilm film about Cheburashka will become one of the most expensive in the history of the film studio. 600 million rubles will be spent on the project. For this money, it is planned to create computer graphics, because the main character will be created in virtual space. However, the overall picture will not be painted. Filming is scheduled for 2021, and the film about Cheburashka will be released in 2022.

Recall that Dima Bilan has only recently returned to work after serious health problems. The artist was diagnosed with pneumonia. Bilan complained that several times he had to perform with a high temperature, and after the concerts he was criticized for not performing the songs well enough. Dima said that the public knows nothing about the artist's backstage life, and urged fans to treat him with understanding.

Dima Bilan

Dima Bilan explained that his condition deteriorated sharply after he took a boat trip in Yalta. Talking about his health, the pop singer noted that doctors ruled out his coronavirus. After being discharged, the musician said that he managed to defeat the disease and warmly thanked his fans for their support. Then Dima decided on radical changes in his image. The artist made a stylish haircut and dyed his hair in a shocking crimson color. He appeared at one of the social events, where he immediately attracted the attention of the press.

We add that the Comedy Club star Garik Kharlamov, unlike Dima Bilan, will indeed take part in the new project of Soyuzmultfilm. The comedian will voice the Wolf in the new episodes of the cartoon "Well, wait!" Representatives of the film studio then noted that they had no other candidate, except Kharlamov, because the comedian has a memorable and recognizable timbre of voice. However, this news became a reason for jokes about Garik. So, Ivan Urgant made fun of the new project, in which Kharlamov participates, in his show "Evening Urgant". The comedian could not pass by Ivan's attack and answered him with a joke. “Guys, calm down. It's not that scary. I'm actually voicing a hare! Although, for sure, many will read that I voice eggs, so we'd better not write like that. I am a wolf! Wolf! " - said Kharlamov in his microblog on Instagram (spelling and punctuation of the author are given without changes. - Prim. row.).

Garik Kharlamov will voice the Wolf in the new series "Well, wait!"

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