Feb 23, 2021
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"Reprehensible and unprecedented": Dodon accused Sandu of violating the Constitution of Moldova

Former President of Moldova, head of the Socialist Party Igor Dodon accused the current President of Moldova Maya Santo of violating the Constitution of Moldova. The scandal erupted due to the re-nomination of Natalya Gavrilitsa to the post of prime minister. “Objectionable and unprecedented,” Dodon described the situation.

On February 23, a session of the Constitutional Court of Modavia was held, at which the decision of President Maia Sandu was declared illegal. We are talking about the re-nomination of the former Minister of Finance Natalia Gavrilitsa for the post of Prime Minister. The President of the Constitutional Court Domnica Manole said that in order to select a new candidate, parliamentary factions are obliged to resume consultations with the President of Moldova.

Igor Dodon called the court’s decision alarming, as it clearly demonstrates the mistakes of Maya Sandu.

“After two months in office, the President has already committed two serious violations of the Constitution, which is reprehensible and unprecedented in the history of the country,” the politician said.

He noted that he was not satisfied with the decision of the Constitutional Court of Moldova, since no one gained anything from him. On the other hand, it must “stop the president’s constitutional retreat.” Dodon also made another accusation against his political opponent. In his opinion, Sandu is acting by double standards.

Dodon explained that his country’s president is trying to abolish the role of parliament in a parliamentary republic, as well as to be in the first roles in decision-making. To rectify the situation, Sandu must nominate Marianna Durleshtyana for the post of prime minister, whom Dodon and his party members call a legitimate candidate for this post. Moreover, Durleshtyanu was supported by the parliamentary majority.

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