Aug 17, 2022
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Repairs can now cost a pretty penny


The expert told why the repair of apartments has risen in price.

Repair work in apartments for the year has risen in price by about 30%. This is stated by experts in the field of development and real estate sales. The rise in prices is connected, first of all, with the increase in the cost of building materials.

Finishing materials began to rise in price as early as the year before last. The change in the cost of paint, glue, plaster, wallpaper, tiles, laminate and other things has led to an increase in the cost of labor for workers, since the overall budget and its implementation are closely related. According to Nadezhda Korkka from the Metrium company, some works now generally cost twice as much as a year earlier. For example, this applies to a technical lighting device.

Also, among the reasons that led to the fact that repairs became too expensive for many, experts call the lack of workers, which arose back in 2020 due to the pandemic and still takes place.

According to Tatyana Akhmetdinova, deputy director of the Etazhi company, the cost of materials has not yet settled down – it either rises or falls again, but the expert’s forecast is disappointing.

There is no talk of returning to pre-pandemic levels. For example, a couple of years ago, a “square” of a budget laminate cost 290–350 rubles, and today it costs 490–530 rubles, that is, the price has increased by 30–50%.“, – quotes her words” Izvestia “.

This year, the shortage of foreign finishing materials, equipment and components for it was added to the problems that already existed on the market. Developers selling finished apartments and construction teams are constantly looking for alternatives to needed goods, as well as new suppliers, experts said. Also, designers admit that buying new furniture is more expensive than repairs, since the cost of interior items generally flew from 20% to 80%.

Previously, experts predicted that prices for apartments in new buildings this autumn will not only not fall, but will even grow following demand, which is expected to increase in September and October.

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