Aug 6, 2022
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Renata Litvinova’s daughter turned into an old woman


The daughter of actress Renata Litvinova, Ulyana has aged dramatically.

Now Renata is filming a film about costumes of a famous brand in a foreign land and participates in her daughter’s fashion shows. Ulyana has been living abroad for a long time, graduated from a prestigious school and is now studying to be a designer at the Royal Academy of Arts in Belgium.

The other day, the heiress posted her photo, which appeared with the same make-up and hairstyle as her famous 55-year-old mother wears, and literally turned into her copy.

Daughter of Renata Litvinova
Daughter of Renata Litvinova

But if earlier it touched the fans of the artist, this time it caused criticism.

You’re 21 and you look like an old mother“, – wrote in the comments.

Ulyana was born to Litvinova from businessman Leonid Dobrovsky. The girl from an early age had all the best.

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