Jan 13, 2022
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Renata Litvinova celebrated her 55th birthday in the company of Zemfira, Ernst and other star guests


Actress and director Renata Litvinova interrupted her vacation at a ski resort to celebrate her birthday in the capital among close friends.

It’s hard to believe, but Renata Litvinova turned 55 the day before. The actress wanted to spend an important day in Russia. That is why in the morning she flew away from the ski resort and returned to Moscow. Here, the star was already waiting for gifts from friends and famous brands.

Renata Litvinova and Gosha Rubchinsky
Renata Litvinova and Gosha Rubchinsky

Many celebrities congratulated Renata on her birthday. One of the most touching posts was written by Sophia Ernst. “A phenomenon named Renata. Beloved, incomprehensible, funny, insightful. More than a friend. Happy birthday! Love love love. May we always be together”- the actress shared her emotions.

In the evening, Sophia attended a celebration in honor of Litvinova with her husband. Konstantin Ernst made a toast in honor of the hero of the occasion, noting that he admires Litvinova’s talent and her devotion to art.

Konstantin Ernst congratulates Renata Litvinova
Konstantin Ernst congratulates Renata Litvinova

Most of our compatriots associate you with a vamp woman, with a style woman. And I have a crazy cinematographer. I wish you to die in forty-five years while mixing the sound of another picture.“, – said the general director of Channel One.

Ulyana Sergeenko, Gosha Rubchinsky, Khibla Gerzmava, Olga Karput and many others were also invited to the event.

Gosha Rubchinsky, Olga Karput, Ksenia Chilingarova and Andrey Artemov
Gosha Rubchinsky, Olga Karput, Ksenia Chilingarova and Andrey Artemov

Of course, there were some songs performed by Zemfira. At first, the artist communicated with the guests and listened with pleasure to other performers. So the pianist Kirill Richter played for the guests, the opera singer Khibla Gerzmava performed the old romance “There is a meeting only once in a lifetime”. At the end of the evening, Zemfira nevertheless took the stage. The singer and actress have been friends for many years. In an interview, Zemfira repeatedly said that Litvinova is the closest person to her, and their communication became the inspiration for creating many tracks.

Renata Litvinova, Zemfira, Khibla Gerzmava and Julia Goldman
Zemfira, Khibla Gerzmava, Renata Litvinova and Julia Goldman

Renata herself literally shone with happiness all evening. For the event, the artist chose a black outfit, richly decorated with sequins. She looked flawless as always. Litvinova’s sense of style has long been admired by thousands of fans. The artist knows how to use fashion trends without changing herself.

Guests of the celebration had fun until late in the evening. Judging by social networks, Litvinova was presented with flowers, jewelry and wardrobe items as gifts. However, the most important thing for the artist was the attention of friends.

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