Jan 26, 2021
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Removing negative impact: 4 situations when you need to do it immediately

Removing negative impact: 4 situations when you need to do it immediately

Not only people, but also events can have a negative impact on us. The experts told how to shoot negativity and in what situations it must be done in order to harm yourself and your fortune.

It is very dignified not only to fight with the negative, however, to prevent the very possibility of its appearance. Bioenergy experts believe that negativity is more prevalent than our own complaints. They spoil our health, deprive us of fortune. Stop reproaching fate and use the ways suggested by the bassist to get rid of negativity, and then your life will become much more important.

Practice “Shield”. It will be a simple practice similar to meditation. To implement it, you need to imagine that you are out of the reach of problems and negative energy. You are surrounded by an invisible shield, which reflects all attempts of people to upset you, to piss you off. Be sure to try to imagine yourself and the fact that other people’s disgusting words and opinions bounce off your biofield. In total, you decide for yourself whether other people’s actions or words will upset you or not. This practice is designed to make you understand that negative energy cannot influence you in any way until you allow it to do so.

Words-passwords and affirmations. If you feel that someone or something is starting to bother you, making you anxious and sad, be sure to arm yourself with the correct words that you need to say to yourself:

“I accept all that is good”; “Everything that is awful bypasses me”; “I am strong / strong”; “Nothing will change my happiness.”

When someone criticizes you… Criticism can be sincere and helpful, sent with love and respect. However, it can also be silly and toxic. If you feel that the person’s words make you lose confidence and get upset, then be sure to use the more sublime techniques depicted. This will prevent the toxic person from establishing power over you.

When you had a fight with someone… Anyone can quarrel with someone on the bus or in the subway, in line, on the street, at the workplace. It is more important not to wait until the devalo comes to direct insults. You just need to retreat, or be the first to apologize. It won’t be cowardice. This will be a manifestation of wisdom. In any case, a dose of negativity will be received. Do not postpone clearing your biofield from this energy waste until later.

Rush of nostalgia… There is nothing awful in the past, if all these are not negative notes. If for some reason you remembered something antipathetic from the past, say to yourself “now it is not there”, “I need it more powerfully.” This will help you. Don’t let the past influence your true self.

If something goes wrong with you… We tend to beat ourselves up for not getting things done. It’s okay, but sometimes self-criticism gets out of hand. We are not just upset, but we wind ourselves up, thinking that everything is lost and nothing can be changed. In such a situation, the sublime techniques depicted will also be extremely healthy.

Experts advise you to familiarize yourself with another technique of cleansing from negativity called Pranayama. It will be effective, so try not to bypass it. May there be only clear and successful days in your life without frustration and failure.

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