Sep 15, 2022
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Reliable Kamado Joe Ceramic Grills

Reliable Kamado Joe Ceramic Grillsceramic grill Kamado Joeremovable ash pan Kamado Joe

For passionate barbecue fans, the reliable Kamado Joe ceramic grills are a real treat. With a great spirit of innovation and finesse, the Dutch manufacturer has developed the Japanese Mushikamado round oven into a high end premium grill. Thanks to the huge heat capacity of ceramics and numerous additional features, you can eat at the highest culinary level with Kamado Joe.

Most Popular Kamado Grills

No matter what you like to grill, there is a Kamado for you. Here are some of the highest quality grills on the market today:

  • Acorn: This brand offers Kamados in different sizes, including the Kamado Jr., for maximum mobility. These grills are also lighter and more affordable than other ceramic grills.
  • Big green egg: The most famous Kamado grill. This line offers seven sizes for the ultimate culinary experience.
  • Blaze KamadoA: Unlike most Kamados, this is made up of aluminum and stainless steel. However, the Blaze kamado claims to retain heat very well and provide quality performance for a lifetime.
  • Forge Duluth: This line offers three grill sizes with one inch thick ceramic walls for high quality heat retention and longer smoke times.
  • Kamado Joe: Includes red bars in multiple sizes and styles. From design to production, this company creates durable Kamados.
  • Kong: This is a large grill with over 600 square inches of cooking space. It also features swivel casters for easy transport.

Learn more about Kamado Joe

ceramic grill Kamado JoeKamado Joe was founded in 2009 with a great passion for grilling and a desire to create the best outdoor barbecues. The model was the mushikamado, a round clay oven, originally used in Japan, in which rice was traditionally cooked.

American military personnel discovered these devices in the 1960s, supplemented them with, among other things, legs and a grill grate, and brought them home with them.

Circular kilns quickly became popular there, and many companies sprang up that improved them and are still successfully selling them.

Kamado Joe is one of the most renowned manufacturers that has established itself as a premium grill manufacturer with groundbreaking innovations and high quality accessories.

Qualitative characteristics of Kamado Joe

The Kamado impresses fundamentally, and the Kamado Joe in particular, with its excellent heat dissipation and resource-saving fuel consumption. Thanks to the closure of the lid and the huge heat storage capacity of ceramics, high temperatures are quickly formed in round grills without overdrying the food.

The round grills from Kamado Joe are characterized by a particularly thick ceramic material, which enhances the heat-saving properties. Thanks to revolutionary sealing mechanisms and a multi-panel firebox, you can cook demanding recipes that require holding the same temperature for hours.

Thanks to the specially designed Divide&Conquer cooking system, the grill surfaces can also be divided in the Kamado Joe and attached at different cooking heights. This means that you can cook different dishes at different temperatures at the same time.

In principle, coal is used as fuel for all kamados. Thanks to this, food flavors are not impaired by additives, and ceramics are not damaged by synthetic lighters. Round grills also use much less charcoal than conventional grills.

A particular advantage of the Kamado Joe is the removable ash pan, which makes the exhausting sweeping of ashes after burning unnecessary. With Kamado Joe’s own charcoal, the manufacturer also offers an exclusive fuel that burns longer and cleaner, made from three high-quality hardwoods.

The Kamado Joe’s charcoal burn can be controlled via a sliding door on the floor, and the temperature range, which can be 70-400 degrees Celsius, can be optimally adjusted for individual cooking. With the built-in lid thermometer on Kamado Joe models, continuous temperature monitoring is possible without the need to open the lid.

Kamado Joe product range

Grillex offers an exquisite selection of high quality Kamado Joe round grills. All of them strike with the typical red signature color, but are tailored to the different needs of the grill.

In addition to the basic Kamado Joe Classic and the upgraded Classic II, a large round grill with additional grill surfaces is available, ideal for group gatherings in particular. With model Joe Jr. the manufacturer also offers a lighter and more comfortable model that can be transported to other places, such as a lake or beach. Kamado Joe Stand Alone even allows you to integrate it permanently into an outdoor kitchen.

Thus, the manufacturer offers models for different needs and leaves nothing to be desired with high-quality accessories such as mats, grill skewers, pizza stones, grill tables and even specially created seasoning mixes.

Brief overview of company data

  • Company Name: Kamado Joe Europe BV
  • Foundation: 2009
  • Registered Office: Nootdorp, The Netherlands
  • Main activities: ceramic grills, charcoal, grill accessories
  • Valid in: Europe and worldwide
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