Dec 30, 2020
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Relatives suffer from not having fingerprints

life without fingerprintsIn our world, fingerprints are a common biometric data, and their absence can be a real curse.

life without fingerprints

Men from the Sarker family are ready to confirm this. Over the course of several generations, these Bangladeshi people were born with perfectly smooth fingers, and this brings them only torment.

life without fingerprints

For example, Amal Sarker was unable to obtain a driver’s license without fingerprints. Also, the country’s legislation does not allow citizens to buy SIM-cards without presenting all the same ill-fated prints, so men have to use SIM cards bought in the name of their mother.

life without fingerprints

Some experts believe that the relatives suffer from an extremely rare genetic disorder known as adermatoglyphia. In principle, this condition does not affect health, but people are born with a complete absence of even a hint of fingerprints. However, it is clear to anyone that even if the sufferers from the Sarker family get a clear idea of ​​their diagnosis, it is unlikely that it will significantly improve their lives.

life without fingerprints

Fortunately, modern technology comes to the rescue of men. Citizens may well be able to obtain the necessary documents by identifying themselves using retinal scans or facial recognition technology, according to the National ID Board. For example, Apu Sarker scanned the retina and was able to obtain a smart card.

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