Nov 6, 2022
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Regina Todorenko was harshly criticized for her performance at the ice show


Tarasova called the dance of the host Regina Todorenko antics.

Regina Todorenko again participates in the Ice Age show, skating with figure skater Alexander Enberg.

The new issue was dedicated to the marriage proposal. The couple took to the ice to the song “Ferris Wheel” by the legendary Muslim Magomayev. Regina admitted with a laugh that she had not yet been offered to marry on the ice. The TV presenter completely surrendered to the performance of the number, emotionally playing out every scene in her number.

However, the coach Tatyana Tarasova, who is a permanent member of the jury of the show, did not appreciate the efforts of the contestants.

Regina Todorenko - photo from the archive -
Regina Todorenko – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

There was no dance – one antics“, Tarasova categorically stated.

Last time, Regina, after the words of the jury, even burst into tears. She was prevented from skating, according to her, by a too long scarf in a suit, which at the most crucial moment was tightened around her neck and almost suffocated.

However, now, apparently, Todorenko has learned to repel the attacks of the jury and Tatyana Tarasova, including, and no longer reacts so emotionally to them.

Regina admits that each time it is more and more difficult for her to find the strength to work on, but she does not give up. The star teased Danya Milokhin, who unexpectedly decided to leave the project. She noted that despite the fatigue, she was not going to quit what she started.

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