Jun 6, 2022
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Regina todorenko wants to give birth in the bath


Leading Regina Todorenko made a confession.

The former star of the travel program, and now the expert of the show “Mask” Regina Todorenko will soon become a mother for the second time. For an experienced traveler, there is no limit to the possibilities, so she plunged into the last months of her pregnancy on a plane and went to Bali with her family.

Why such sacrifices, because a flight to the island, even by a direct flight, takes at least 12 hours, and with transfers it can exceed a day. But for some reason, Regina decided that it was in Bali that her place of power was located, which means she desperately needed to go there.

For me, this is the island of Bali, where I feel peaceful and whole. Now the most important task is to preserve and grow the life inside me. Every day I try to start with gratitude, meditation, yoga, swimming, so I settled into a cozy nest!”, — Regina shares her first impressions in her account.

Regina Todorenko - photo from the archive -
Regina Todorenko – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

She admits that someone might think she’s crazy. But this is only because they did not see the bath in her room, in which the desire to give birth arises even in someone who is not pregnant at all.

When I saw the bathroom in the room, I immediately wanted to give birth there. Maybe it’s a hormonal surge, or maybe I’m just starting to listen to my body.”, – the wife of Vlad Topalov struck philosophy.

She admits that they are now doing everything possible so that the first date with a new family member takes place in the most favorable atmosphere. Thus, it could be concluded that Todorenko decided to become her mother in Bali, but she had already left the island. Apparently, it was saturated with strength and now flew back.

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