Aug 10, 2022
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Regina todorenko showed how she gave birth in the bath


Leading Regina Todorenko shared a candid photo from childbirth.

Last month, Regina Todorenko and Vlad Topalov became parents for the second time. The presenter practiced home birth, which she spoke about very frankly, which shocked the public. However, the newly-made mother again and again returns to the delicate topic.

Todorenko, 32, gave birth to a son in July, whom she named Miroslav. At that very moment, not only her husband was with her, but also her eldest son, who this year will only turn four years old. The TV presenter did not see anything wrong with this and honestly told how the process went.

When I felt contractions, I warned Michelka that today my mother would play different animals, sometimes she would growl like a tiger, and sometimes she would moo like a cow, and I would also inflate and deflate like a huge balloon. During the contractions, I breathed very deeply, using the practice I learned in the hypnobirth course. At these moments, Mishka burst into laughter, he liked his mother’s game of balloons” she wrote.

Childbirth of Regina Todorenko
Childbirth of Regina Todorenko

After such revelations, the public fell with angry comments on the star mother, who probably caused serious injury to the heir. However, Topalov’s wife once again reminded that everyone in her family was satisfied after the “sacrament”. “A month ago, we all met the baby together. Childbirth with a husband and son is fantastic! Such a unity of hearts and souls. Mishka timidly made his way into the delivery room and smiled when he saw a new member of the family. But this smile before the first fight for a toy“, – says Todorenko.

By the way, the other day the youngest son of the couple turned one month old. On this occasion, Regina and Vlad arranged a small celebration. Topalov showered his wife with flowers and decorated the house with balloons.

The month has flown by. During this month, our family has doubled the amount of love and doubled the number of children’s cries, screams, toys and sleepless nights, but we are happy. Thank you, my love, Vlad, for your care and all this fabulous flower beauty“, – the presenter admired.

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