Dec 29, 2020
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Regina Todorenko shocked with her breasts in a swimsuit without push-up

Regina Todorenko shocked her breasts in a swimsuit without push-pa

Presenter Regina Todorenko shared a beach photo from a vacation in Bali.

The star, after receiving an honorable third place in the “Ice Age”, went with her two-year-old son Michael to rest in Bali. The show turned out to be somewhat exhausting and recharging for her and some other stars. Although none of the public figures have ever regretted their experience.

Regina Todorenko in a swimsuit
Regina Todorenko in a swimsuit

The artist’s followers, having seen her pictures on social networks in a nude biniki without push-up, were simply discouraged. The star has lost incredible weight! The swimsuit literally hung in places where feminine forms were previously.

After the “Ice Age” I was completely without a breast “,” God, why are you all so emaciated. Buzova also has skin and bones left “,” Oh, you need to lose weight urgently! “,” The wind will blow this away, easily“,” The unreal cane has become “, – the followers noted on the Web.

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