Sep 15, 2020
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Regina Todorenko published a video of her one and a half year old son doing gymnastics for the first time

23:25, 09/14/2020

The TV personality is proud of Michael's successes.

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Regina Todorenko and Vlad Topalov first became parents in December 2018. Then a son, Mikhail, was born in a stellar family, who is often called Michael at home. The birth of a child abruptly changed the life of Regina and Vlad. In their microblogs in Instagram they often publish their son's first achievements and reflections on life with a child. For example, last week Topalov thanked Regina for the opportunity to experience paternal happiness.

Having a child had a positive impact on Todorenko's career. The TV personality has created a new show "Regina +1", which is dedicated to children's themes. As part of the program, the TV presenter studies the nutrition, health and development of babies. She also tests new gadgets and visits places to go with her child. Experts help the artist to understand difficult issues.

Regina Todorenko, Vlad Topalov and their son

In addition, Regina again became one of the hosts of the "Heads and Tails" program, but now she will travel across Russia. The main reason for such changes was also the introduction of the family into the life of Todorenko. With the birth of her son, Regina cannot leave home for a long time, and the TV personality herself misses the child so much that she even turned to a psychologist for help.

Today Todorenko said that Michael started gymnastics. Regina posted on her microblog in Instagram video of the boy's first workout and boasted of his successes. “First gymnastic training. You are 1.9 and it would seem that this, but I am very proud of you! He held on to the uneven bars, stood on his hands, and tumbled on the gymnastic rings (of course, with the help of a coach). Our strong boy, stubborn kid. The child was so tired that after 45 minutes of class he asked to "go home, home, shake and touch yum-yum." Such an extraordinary feeling overwhelms me - it seems that we were about to carry a very tiny Bear out of the hospital, and here already our interests appear, and sections, and in general, our own world, separate from the parent. How quickly children grow up, ”wrote the TV presenter (the author's spelling and punctuation are hereinafter given unchanged. Prim. line.).

Regina Todorenko published a video of her one and a half year old son doing gymnastics for the first time

Note that Regina Todorenko and Vlad Topalov became participants in the Ice Age show on Channel One. PThe famous figure skater Roman Kostomarov acts as Regina's artner in the project. Topalov's partner is the gold medalist of the Sochi Olympics Elena Ilinykh... At the end of August, Regina said that the song to which she and Kostomarov are preparing the number made a great impression on her. Todorenko was so moved that she burst into tears right on the ice rink. And two days before the first filming of the project, the TV presenter reported that during the hard work on the ice, she had lost four kilograms.

The first shooting of the project took place on September 8. Regina spoke about her first impressions. She also said that their one and a half year old son was present at the first stage of the show. Torodenko noted that Michael watched his father's performance with admiration. Regina expressed confidence that in the future the boy will be proud of his parents.

Regina Todorenko and Roman Kostomarov

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