Jul 1, 2020
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Regina todorenko, “I feel a sense of guilt of the son”

Regina todorenko recently revealed details of his family life. TV presenter admitted that she feels a sense of guilt towards her son for future trips.

Regina todorenko, "I feel a sense of guilt of the son"

Visit Regina Todorenko in the social network Instagram appeared outspoken publication, in which a celebrity spoke out about the problems with combining work and child rearing. According to showwoman, she doesn't want to leave her son for three days, which will take place on a business trip. The star of "the eagle and Tails" can not take one-year-old Michael along for the ride because of concerns about COVID-19. "I'm not scared to leave the baby daddy, but suddenly I miss a new word or phrase," - said the blogger.

Therefore, Todorenko addressed to subscribers with the issue, did they feel guilty when they had to leave for work, leaving the children to relatives. Many commentators assured the idol that such sensations are quite characteristic for young mothers. Among other things, Regina Todorenko has recently stripped the title of "woman of the year" for statements about domestic violence. In solidarity with the women she donated 2 million rubles to the aid Fund "to Violence.NO."

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Guilt you got when you went to work? I just don't know how to cope....( the first time away from my boys for 3 days on a business trip. If not for my concerns about COVID-19, would go together. No, I'm not scared to leave the baby daddy, I'm sure they will have a great time, but....what if I miss a new word or phrase 🙈, or something , and suddenly he'll call mom, and I'm hundreds of miles away 😭. In General, I'm a typical crazy mom who worries for any reason , especially when it comes to separation. Share how you cope with guilt, did you have is? Dress - @countrytextile

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