Jan 12, 2021
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Regina Todorenko hardly drowned while surfing in Bali

Todorenko with the man Vlad Topalov and their son Misha went on vacation in December, which they spend on the Indonesian island of Bali. Regina shared with the subscribers the details of the next day of vacation, which hardly ended in tragedy for her.

Regina Todorenko hardly drowned while surfing in Bali

TV presenter Regina Todorenko told her Instagram subscribers the day before that she almost died during surfing times.

According to Regina, she moves to conquer the waves only once a year for a stage of three weeks, so she calls herself a “servo-student”. In addition, due to pregnancy and childbirth, she still missed the opportunity to practice the idolized image of sports.

According to Todorenko, she begins to panic when she falls into waves, the height of which exceeds one and a half meters. So much happened in this one.

“Thank God, at some point the brains were enough to return to the harmless space of the ocean,” the TV presenter said.

Regina noted that despite this case, she intends to continue to overcome her own fear.

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