Feb 22, 2021
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Regina Todorenko explained why she put braces at 30

09:49, 22.02.2021

The TV presenter said that the decision is related to maintaining health.

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Regina Todorenko has a perfect snow-white smile. In the new edition of the show “Mask”, the TV presenter appeared with transparent braces on her teeth. The TV personality began to receive numerous questions why she decided to take such a step. Regina explained: first of all, it is related to health.

“Braces at the age of 30 are a fascinating attraction. Friends, the aesthetic issue interests me least of all, first of all it is necessary to avoid problems with the neck, back, etc., because our physical development begins with the oral cavity. And improper operation leads to consequences, which, unfortunately, are sometimes very difficult to correct, ”Todorenko wrote in her microblog on Instagram (the spelling and punctuation of the authors are given here and below without changes. Prim. row.).

Regina Todorenko

Regina said that before installing braces, she carefully read the doctors’ recommendations. In particular, she learned: eat symmetrically, eat well, and take good care of oral hygiene. “Of course, many factors affect the construction of the body as a whole, but one of the most important components is the mouth!” – said the star. It is curious that Regina in “The Mask” is not the only one who corrects the bite. Timur Rodriguez also installed similar transparent braces almost at the same time. “My brother in braces”, – signed a joint photo with colleague Todorenko.

Regina Todorenko and Timur Rodriguez

Note that in the summer of 2020, Anton Krivorotov, a participant in the seventh season of the “Bachelor” show, who works as a successful dentist, installed braces for himself. For him, as for Regina and Timur, this medical procedure was not associated with an aesthetic point of view, but with a medical one. “For those who are wondering why I put braces on my even white teeth, on my even white teeth. So I’ll tell you that this is a method of gnato neuromuscular dentistry, which will allow me to stay young much longer than those people who do not whip about what kind of compensatory mechanisms in the human body occur with age, ”said Krivorotov in his Instagram microblog …

Anton Krivorotov

It should be added that Regina always tries to be honest when she talks about events in her life. So, after the birth of her son Michael, her figure underwent natural changes. Todorenko did not immediately become the owner of chic forms, as did the mother of many children, Oksana Samoilova. The TV presenter worked hard on her forms. In January of this year, Regina said: now she is completely satisfied with the figure.

Regina Todorenko

Recall that Regina is married to singer Vlad Topalov. They met at the theater, where they took part in the play “Put your wife in a pawnshop”. Former lead singer of the group Smash !!! admitted that he immediately liked the TV presenter. In turn, Todorenko said that since childhood, she dreamed of at least meeting a member of a popular duet, with posters hanging in her home. Regina and Vlad got married in October 2018, and in December of the same year their son was born Michaelwhom they affectionately call Michael.

Vlad Topalov, Regina Todorenko and their son Michael

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