Feb 13, 2021
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Regina Myannik spoke about her new romance for the first time after her husband’s death

17:13, 13.02.2021

Five years ago, the actress buried her husband.

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With her second husband, a lawyer Georgy Novikov Regina Myannik met in a cafe on Patriarch’s Ponds. At first they were just friends. After a year of dating, Regina and George got married. He gladly accepted the sons of Männik from his first marriage, treated them like his own children. However, a misfortune happened: five years ago, the actress’s husband was killed by unknown persons. At the funeral, Männik refused to look into the coffin, because she could not recover from grief.

After the death of Georgy, Regina stopped advertising her personal life. Only now it became known with whom the artist found happiness again. So, 49-year-old Männik is in a relationship with a man named Pavel… The lovers have known each other for a long time, but only recently they realized that they want to be together. “I was at his wedding with my husband. She was very close friends with his wife, even before him. He has not lived with that friend of mine for a long time, and she has not been my close friend for a long time. We have been together for some time, less than six months, ”the artist admitted in the“ Secret for a Million ”program.

Regina Myannik with her second husband Georgy

According to Männik, not so long ago she moved in with Pavel. The actress does not hide that she is ready to officially get married again. “Probably, yes… I just don’t ask such questions. We now live with him, ”added Männik.

We will remind, Regina Männik was married twice. Regina met her first husband at the age of 17. Männik was admitted to the hospital, where she was treated Sergey… He was nine years older than her and married, but that did not stop Regina. The parents of the star were categorically against their relationship, but Männik did not give up. According to the actress, it was love at first sight. However, at some point, Männik got tired of the constant pressure from her parents and decided to end the relationship.

Regina Männik in the show “Secret to a Million”

A couple of months after the breakup, Sergei told Regina that he wanted to start a family with her. Then Männik decided to try to start all over again. The actress soon became pregnant but had a miscarriage in the early lines. Regina was able to bear and give birth to a child in a few years. First came into being Stepan, and a year later – Nikita… The actress admitted that with the birth of her sons, she and Sergei became even closer, so the couple wanted more children. However, Regina had a miscarriage – right on the set of the program “Feather sharks“. After this incident, the relationship between the spouses went wrong, and Männik decided to divorce. In addition, it turned out that her husband was cheating on her.

“We are talking. We are loving parents of our children. We will never be husband and wife, but we can still be great parents, ”said the artist in the show.

Regina Männik on a yacht

In 2006, the actress tied the knot with Georgy Novikov. In 2015, Regina’s husband tragically passed away – strangers brutally crippled him and then killed him. “The anxiety that was, is now asleep, I control it. I do not visit my husband’s grave so often, because he is not there for me. He has a photograph on the monument that was taken at a wedding. Time heals nothing, ”said Männik. By the way, the investigation of the case is still ongoing – it is still unknown who and why killed Novikov. Regina tells only good things about her late husband. Moreover, the star regrets that she did not have time to give birth to a child from George.

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