Feb 13, 2021
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Regina Myannik said that her dad was dying hard from cancer

15:09, 13.02.2021

The actress became the heroine of the “Secret in a Million” show.

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Today the famous Russian theater and film actress Regina Myannik has become the guest of the new edition of the Secret for a Million show. In a frank interview with Lera Kudryavtseva, the star spoke about her dad, who had been struggling with cancer for a long time. 49-year-old Regina shared how difficult her father’s illness was for her, and also remembered how Marat Basharov helped her.

It turned out that Basharov supported Myannik when her dad was ill. “My dad had cancer. And we rehearsed with Marik, and I told him that my dad was sick. My dad is a Tatar by nationality, and Marik is also a Tatar. I say: ‘I want to make a present for my dad. So, all his childhood he remembered how his mother made horse meat. I have never eaten this horse meat like this, ” said Regina.

Archival photo of Regina Myannik with her father

Then Basharov took Myannik to a small shop at the mosque, where they stocked up, according to Marat, delicious Tatar and Muslim things. After that, they went together to see Regina’s father. “First, we do not abandon our Tatars! And secondly, the fact is that my father also had cancer. And I know how scary and hard it is, it hurts a person. I remembered my father, ”admitted Marat, who came to the studio of the NTV show to support Regina.

Myannik shared that her dad was happy then, although at that moment he was already seriously ill and was on drugs. A few days later, Basharov again volunteered to go with Regina to her father. Then Marat decided to give the actress’s parent a gift: the Koran and a skullcap. According to Männik, her father did not come out to meet her that day, which greatly surprised her, because he usually always waited for his daughter on the street.

Marat Basharov in the studio of the show “Secret to a Million”

“And Marat just jumped out of the car, immediately started yelling in Tatar, turned on the clown, in an amicable way, and so it began. And due to the fact that dad was practically dry by that time, the skullcap hung on his ears. But Marik did not show his appearance, he called him abzikayka (translated from the Tatar “uncle” – Prim. row.) and amused him as best he could. He spoke to dad in Tatar. I began to read him prayers. Marik then asked dad: ‘How long have you not read your prayers?’ Dad says: ‘Long.’ My heart was breaking. Marik pretended that nothing was happening, ”shared Regina.

“Because you can’t!” – said Basharov. “I just went through it at that moment in my life with my father. And I already had experience in this sense. I know how painful and hard it is for a person. How my father and Regina’s father hid and did not show that it was hard and painful for them. They also turned on clowns so that the family would not feel this pain, this pity, regret, ”Marat said.

Marat Basharov and Regina Myannik in the play “The Ideal Game”

Myannik added that this behavior of Basharov is explained not only by experience, but also by the fact that the actor is a kind person. “Because no experience can replace a kind heart. My dad was a stranger for Marik. Plus, not everyone wants to look at an old man who is seriously ill with cancer, ”explained the actress. According to her, exactly one week later, her dad died. After this event, the actress began to consider Basharov a brother and close friend.

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