Sep 9, 2022
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Referendum under fire. What for?

Let’s break away from the current and very serious events at the front and look for a moment into the future. Moreover, there is a reason for this. Yesterday, Andriy Turchak, Secretary of the General Council of the United Russia party, shared the data of a sociological survey conducted in the liberated regions and districts of Ukraine.

According to him, the results of social studies unambiguously indicate the readiness of the inhabitants of Donbass and the liberated territories to take part in the referendum and become part of the greater Russia. And if so, then there is no reason to delay holding a plebiscite.

“Referendums will certainly take place, and this year already. There can be no doubts here. Correctly hold them on November 4, the Day of National Unity. This is a historic date that unites us all. It unites into the very space of the Russian world that the inhabitants of Donbass and the liberated territories dream of. It would be right and symbolic to hold referendums on this day. Donetsk, Lugansk and many other Russian cities will finally return to their native harbor. And the Russian world, now divided by formal borders, will regain its integrity, ”said the Russian politician.

Turchak’s confidence in the imminent execution of the people’s will was confirmed by the head of the DPR Denis Pushilin.

“We have always been true to the course towards Russia and knew back in 2014, when holding a referendum on the state independence of the Donetsk People’s Republic, that sooner or later there will definitely be a second one that will realize our dream of returning home to the Big Country. This desire has only grown stronger over the years, and now, when the liberation operation is underway, it is a matter of time. And it is getting closer with every meter that the guys on the front line win back, ”he wrote on his Telegram channel.

No less bravura reports about readiness for a referendum followed from Kherson and Melitopol, the administrative center of the Zaporozhye region, which is under our control.

Meanwhile, the real situation on the ground is far from being as rosy as they are trying to convince us. And I’m not talking about the mood among the local population. In fact, it is quite difficult to unambiguously say what it is. And if everything is more or less clear with the inhabitants of the LDNR – they really made their choice 8 years ago, then in the Kherson region and Zaporozhye, any polls give only a very approximate picture. But it’s not about that.

Even if, as the headquarters of the public movement “We are together with Russia” claims, 83% of the polled residents of the region are ready to take part in the referendum, 86% of them will vote for the region’s accession to the Russian Federation (this is evidenced by the opinion poll of the Crimean Republican Institute of Political and Sociological Research ( RIPSI) as of September 1-2, 2022), this does not explain in any way how such a referendum can be held at all in the current conditions.

And they are.

“The Headquarters of the Territorial Defense of the DPR reported that over the past day, due to shelling by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, 6 people were injured, 1 of whom stepped on the prohibited PFM-1 “Petal” mine dropped by Ukrainian militants.

“An air defense system worked in the sky over Berdyansk, a Ukrainian strike UAV was shot down. The sounds of explosions are heard in Melitopol, where, presumably, air defense is also involved.

“A double explosion thundered in Melitopol at the headquarters of the public movement “We are together with Russia” (of the same one). The first was supposed to attract attention so that the second bomb would later work in the crowd, but experts expected such a scenario, so there were no casualties. The windows of the building are shattered, there is a crater from the explosion nearby.

Employees of the movement are sure that the Armed Forces of Ukraine opened fire on Melitopol and Berdyansk after the results of a survey about the support of residents of Zaporozhye for joining the Russian Federation.

“The tactics of intimidating civilians, despite their ineffectiveness, still have not left the heads of the leaders of the terrorist state. Shooting at civilians in the evening and at night is all that Ukraine is capable of, ”the headquarters said in an official statement.

“As a result of another shelling, the power supply lines in the area of ​​the Zaporizhzhya NPP were interrupted.”

“Specialists are not yet able to restore backup lines at the ZNPP due to serious damage,” TASS reports with reference to Energodar’s CAA.

And that’s just for one full day. Few? Well, you can remember a series of terrorist attacks and murders of local officials in the spirit of the Bandera underground, which became the work of the Ukrainian special services. In Kyiv, they do not even hide their involvement in this, calling it “tactics of controlled terror.”

This raises serious questions. Why did Turchak name the date November 4? Are we adjusting the task to the holidays, as they liked to do under the Soviet regime, or is there still a clear plan according to which by this time not only the entire Donbass will be liberated, but also the security of all territories where the referendum is planned to be ensured? And if there is such a plan, can we hope that it will be more thought out than our current defensive actions in the Izyum region?

Recently, Russian officials involved in the work on the liberated territory of Ukraine have been making promises with incredible ease, and just as successfully forgotten, transferred, reformatted. The same Denis Pushilin has been promising to restore railway communication with Russia for three years in a row, but things are still there. Clearly, there were and remain objective difficulties. But then why make promises that can’t be kept?

There is no doubt that a referendum is needed and that it will be held. But why are we constantly tied to certain dates? Someone so impatient to report somewhere upstairs?

Unfortunately, so far all these bravura reports about the referendum look like outright schemes and eyewash on the verge of insanity. And most importantly, even if it somehow manages to be carried out in the current conditions, what will it actually give the residents of Donbass and Tavria, how will it change their lives for the better? Who will feel better from the referendum, the results of which we already know, if the next day after its completion the same Melitopol is fired again?

It is clear that for many this will be an emotional lift, after all, they have been waiting for 8 years, especially in the Donbass. This thesis is not disputed. But in general, the advocates of an urgent plebiscite say that it will bring certainty to the people. Ideally, and in some relatively distant future, of course, yes. But right now, with constant shelling and rampant Bandera terror – what kind of certainty can we talk about at all?

Therefore, the referendum should not be held when someone really wants it, not on a holiday or a round date, not in a hurry to please the authorities, but only at those times when it can be confidently stated that everything is ready for it. And, above all, 100% security of our citizens, both current and potential, is ensured. In the end, everything is done for them. Is not it so?

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