Apr 30, 2021
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Reese Witherspoon said that she could follow the path of Britney Spears

Hollywood actress Reese Witherspoon compared herself to actress Britney Spears and said that she might once have faced the same life as the famous pop singer.

Recently, the Oscar winner appeared on the pages of Time magazine. She gave an interview, during which she spoke about some periods of her career and her impressions of the documentary about Britney Spears. The film made the star think and remember the days when she was actively pursued by the paparazzi. Reported by the Mirror.

Both stars raised their children under the watchful eye of lenses. In 2008, Witherspoon divorced her husband, actor Ryan Philip. From the marriage, Reese is survived by a son and a daughter. In the same year, Britney Spears began to have health problems, and the singer herself was repeatedly involved in scandals. As a result, she broke off relations with dancer and rapper Kevin Federline and lost her parental rights, and both sons still live with their father.

In an interview with Time magazine, the actress said that she considers herself “lucky” because she was called one of the “good” Hollywood girls, which meant that the paparazzi were not so intently scrutinizing the artist in the most awkward moments.

“What if the media decided that I was different? I would be in a completely different position. I want to say that I could choose this behavior or career, I preferred to stay on the second, “- said Witherspoon.

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