Nov 14, 2021
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Red French wine: features of choice

Red French wine: features of choice

Since French red wine comes in a fairly large assortment, its choice should be approached responsibly.

Despite the fact that the range of drinks is quite large, many people quite often choose red French wine. After all, it can be submitted for any holiday.

Features of choice

Since red French wine is supplied in Wine Democracy in a fairly large assortment, you should be responsible when choosing it in the catalog. And you need to focus on several key indicators.

Standardization system

Now you can choose and buy red French wine, which has a specific composition. And for this, a variety of standardization systems can be used. In accordance with this classification, one can distinguish:

  • Canteens. For the preparation of such wine, not only grapes are used, but also some varieties of berries.
  • Appellation d’Origine Controlee. A distinctive feature of these wines is a thorough check. Professionals carry out a detailed check. Such drinks are often chosen for certain celebrations.
  • Vin de Pays. By means of this marking, only the strength of the drink is noted. Additional factors in this case are not prescribed.

Sugar volume

This parameter is considered one of the most important and significant. By means of such an indicator as the amount of sugar, you can determine how sweet the drink will be.

According to this indicator, all drinks are divided into the following types:

  • Sweet. In this case, there will be from 30 to 50 units of sugar per 100 ml of wine.
  • Dry. The volume of sugar is no more than 2-3%.
  • Semi-dry. These drinks contain about 2-30% sugar.
Red French wine: features of choice


This indicator makes it possible to accurately determine what color, aroma, and also taste should be. In addition, aging has an impact on how much it costs to purchase wine.

You can opt for young or mature French red wines. It is worth starting from what kind of drinks people prefer.

Features of the bottle, cork

Paying attention to these indicators, one can understand whether the alcohol is genuine or not, how high-quality the presented product is.

Responsible manufacturers use only natural and proven types of wood for the manufacture of cork. The ideal option is an oak tree. Indeed, through such a cork, you can saturate an alcoholic drink with a pleasant and attractive taste.

French red wines come in a variety of bottle types. Some bottles are complemented with grooves in the bottom, others are not.

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