Sep 22, 2022
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Recruits can be provided with credit holidays


The Central Bank made proposals for the soldiers.

The Central Bank issued an important statement after the Russian President signed a decree on partial mobilization. The regulator has addressed banks and microfinance institutions (MFIs) with recommendations regarding their clients to be drafted. The Central Bank advised mobilized citizens to ask for a deferral of loan payments or their reduction, and this applies to both consumer and mortgage loans.

The Central Bank urged banks and MFIs to think about introducing loan holidays and special programs for restructuring loans. In addition, the regulator considers it necessary not to prosecute those mobilized due to non-payment of debts, not to charge them penalties or fines, and not to expel them from mortgage housing in case of large debts. And the same rules apply to the relatives of the called-up citizens whom they support.

According to experts of the Central Bank, it is also important that in the future non-payment of the loan of the mobilized is not considered a factor worsening their credit history, according to the website of the Central Bank.

Recall that earlier a similar initiative was made by the deputy of the Moscow Regional Duma Sergey Malikov. He was indignant that some of his colleagues did not consider credit holidays for the mobilized important and called on the state to think about “freezing the debts” of those who are subject to conscription.

“Now, realizing that a certain part of our residents will be mobilized, we must think about mortgage guarantees for them… The issue of freezing mortgage payments must be worked out promptly and efficiently. We should not leave our families in a difficult situation, ”RIAMO quotes the parliamentarian.

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