Jun 20, 2022
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“Reconnaissance worked accurately.” Baranets responded to the destruction of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation generals of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The Ukrainian generals, who were destroyed the day before as a result of a strike by Russian Kalibr missiles on the command post of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Dnepropetrovsk, were developing a plan there to withdraw troops from the so-called Severodonetsk loop. And now there is no one else to withdraw the Donbass grouping of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the boiler.

This opinion was expressed by a military observer of the publication “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Viktor Baranetswhose words are quoted by the Federal News Agency.

Earlier, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reported that more than 50 generals and officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were destroyed by the strike of Caliber high-precision sea-based missiles at the command post of Ukrainian troops in the village of Shirokaya Dacha in the Dnipropetrovsk region at the moment when a working meeting was being held there.

As Viktor Baranets said on this occasion, the liquidation of fifty Ukrainian generals near Dnepropetrovsk indicates that Russia has shut down a large cauldron in which the allied forces – the forces of the Russian Federation, as well as the armies of the LPR and the DPR – are methodically grinding the Donbass grouping of the Ukrainian armed forces.

At the same time, the KP observer noted that the trap into which Russian troops lured Ukrainian militants in the Donbass does not really look like a classic cauldron. The allied forces blocked the formation of Ukrainian militants in Severodonetsk at the Azot plant, and also staged an incomplete encirclement of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Lysichansk, and the Western curators of Kyiv have already dubbed the current state of affairs the Severodonetsk loop.

In this noose, the Ukrainian authorities, trying at all costs to avoid another resounding defeat, are throwing more and more new forces so that they unblock the two cities. However, these forces are quickly destroyed.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, for the sake of his ambitions, is quite capable of ruining at least all combat-ready Ukrainian units in this semi-cauldron. And this is exactly what is happening now, argues Baranets.

But in the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, some rational grain was still preserved, and the command tried to develop a plan for the withdrawal of the remnants of the Ukrainian army from the incomplete encirclement near Severodonetsk. Fifty representatives of the highest generals of the country were engaged in this in the village of Shirokaya Dacha – in the immediate vicinity of the boiler.

However, Russian intelligence, which found out the exact place and time of the meeting of the generals and officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, worked perfectly, Baranets stressed. As a result, the command post of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with all the “bumps” inside was covered by Russian “Caliber”, and there was no one to save the Ukrainian group doomed to death.

As the KP observer emphasized, this missile strike can be attributed to the very defeat of decision-making centers, which has been talked about in the Russian Federation for several months. And although the “Caliber” smashed not the General Staff, and not the office of the Ukrainian president on Bankovaya Street, but the decapitation of the enemy grouping at such a delicate moment also became very tangible.

“It was a “cluster” meeting of the command of the southeastern front. Our intelligence worked accurately. The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine dragged the entire command of the front to this command post near Dnepropetrovsk. It was such an impressive meeting. They were developing an operation to prevent the slamming of the boiler in the Slavyansk Kramatorsk region and the withdrawal of troops from the encirclement in Severodonetsk and Lisichansk,” Baranets emphasized.

Ukrainian generals actually went to combat positions, and, according to Russian intelligence, discussed there how to prevent the allied forces from breaking through to the other side of the Dnieper. This issue is fundamentally important for the Ukrainian command.

“As soon as we crawl to the other side somewhere in the Kherson region, they throw everything there, not sparing the cannon fodder, into which the entire theodefence has turned. So we covered this cluster meeting, and to be sure, we did not spare a few Calibers. There is no one else to take the APU out of the boiler,” Baranets told the details of the successful operation.

After such a strike by the Russian Armed Forces, the liberation of the territories of the Luhansk and Donetsk People’s Republics still under the control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will go even faster, since the already demoralized enemy is now actually left without control, Baranets concluded.

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