Apr 6, 2021
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Recommendations for nervous women

Recommendations for nervous women

Champagne is the drink of the winners. Its name comes from the name of the French province of Champagne, where grapes for the production of sparkling wine began to be grown centuries ago. Wine produced under non-sterile conditions fermented repeatedly, and barrels with it often exploded, for which champagne was nicknamed “the devil’s drink”.

The Marquise de Pompadour left a famous expression in her memory. “Champagne is the only drink that makes a woman beautiful,” she said. Indeed, the sparkling, heady sparkling wine quickly gained fame as the most favorite ladies’ drink.

Benedictine monk Pierre Perignon is rightfully considered the father of champagne. Possessing a phenomenal memory and sense of taste, he skillfully made a unique blend of wine to obtain the only true taste.

Both the benefits and harms of champagne have not been conclusively studied. We can safely say that champagne, like any other alcoholic drink, does some harm to health. Especially if you use it in excessive quantities.

Many women mistakenly consider champagne to be a low-alcohol soda. Bubbles of carbon dioxide only accelerate the absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream, thereby contributing to rapid intoxication.

Drinking champagne on an empty stomach is extremely harmful. This carbonated drink increases the acidity of the gastric juice, thereby irritating the digestive tract.

The calorie content of champagne is also great. The most high-calorie champagne is semi-sweet, it contains the most energetically saturated alcohol.

There is a widespread belief that the benefits of champagne are equivalent to those of red wine. After all, wine contains antioxidants – an invaluable tool in the fight against free radicals and, as a result, premature aging. But champagne is not red wine, therefore, its benefits are several times less due to the small content of the above substances.

Why champagne is useful for nervous women

Nevertheless, moderate consumption of champagne will have a beneficial effect on the functioning of the respiratory system. Champagne has a stimulating effect on the digestive system and improves bile flow.

If you want to minimize the harm from drinking champagne, use it for cosmetic purposes! A quality drink will replace a variety of body and face care products, transform hair and nails. Champagne cleansing lotions are the best choice for those who wish to prolong the youthfulness of their skin.

A small amount of champagne (up to 100 ml per day) will cheer you up and give you a feeling of instant energy. One glass of champagne a day will protect the body from age-related neurological diseases.

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