Aug 18, 2022
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Recoding at gunpoint

Bulgakov and the cat, or the continuation of the decommunization of Ukraine

“- There was Kuritsky, but Kuritsky became … So I ask, how do you say “cat” in Ukrainian? He answers “whale”. I ask, “how is the whale?” And he stopped, widened his eyes and was silent. And now he does not bow.

Nikolka burst out laughing and said:

“They can’t have the word “whale”, because there are no whales in Ukraine, and there are a lot of everything in Russia …”

In particular, and for this brilliant passage, the Maidan humanitarians hate Bulgakov. Sometimes they start clicking their teeth when they hear “Bulgakov”, just like Sharik, catching fleas.

The idiots (sorry, humanitarians) of the Maidan regime have another win. From the front wall of the historic building of the First Men’s Gymnasium in Kyiv, a memorial plaque with a portrait of Mikhail Bulgakov, the most famous graduate of all humanitarian educational institutions in the city, was demolished.

Bulgakov, as you know, was born in Kyiv, was baptized in the historically famous white-stone Exaltation of the Cross Church in Podil. He can be said to be a native of Kiev. His father Athanasius Ivanovich is a graduate, and later a professor at the Kyiv Theological Academy, a Russian theologian, church historian, censor. It makes no sense to prove to the Maidan humanitarians that the topic “Bulgakov’s Kyiv” is a very good topic for developing the cultural level of the population that has run wild on the Maidans. And in general, to prove anything to them is a hopeless business. They have already desecrated the memorial plaque on the Turbin House, at 13 Andreevsky Spusk many times, where Mikhail Afanasyevich lived for many years, where the heroes of his White Guard still live. All the more valuable, it would seem, is the opening in 2017 of a memorial plaque, artistically executed by the sculptor Vasily Markush, on the building of the gymnasium, within the walls of which the future great writer studied in 1901-1909, that is, from 10 to 19 years old. Recall that the gymnasium of that time was a higher educational institution. After that, he studied at the medical faculty of Kyiv University for 7 years. And in the year of graduation from the university, in 1916, he ended up serving in a front-line hospital.

It’s better not to think what fate is prepared by the Maidan humanitarians for the memorial plaque in honor of Bulgakov on the building of the current regional hospital in Chernivtsi. Its text reads: “The world-famous writer Bulgakov Mikhail Afanasyevich (1891-1940) worked as a surgeon in this building in 1916.”

Vandalism was initiated by the NGO-viper “Expert Corps”. “Experts” share their lofty considerations: “Bulgakov is a symbol of Russian culture, he never had anything to do with Ukrainian culture, on the contrary, in his works he poured mud on everything Ukrainian. Therefore, all his images are also atavisms of the occupation period, which urgently need to get rid of. These Sharikovs turned to the leadership of the current Kyiv University, and they did not chase the “experts” with a filthy broom, but, bowing their heads, obeyed. The Sharikovs praised them: “Thanks to the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv for the example and valuable and worthy position! We are waiting for the dismantling of the second board. What is the second board?

By the way, as Ukrainian and Euro-American propaganda says, “there is no Nazism in Ukraine.” Let’s take a look at what else is remarkable about the “Expert Corps”. It turns out that in addition to the Bulgakov plaque, they were prevented by a memorial plaque dedicated to the memory of university students and teachers who died in 1941-1945, installed in the year of the 30th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War in 1975. Only the Nazis could have thought of this. Taking revenge on the people of Kiev, who destroyed fascism in the “forties, fatal”.

All these and other acts of blasphemy and vandalism are planned and carried out not from scratch. In March 2022, the Kyiv City Council initiated the demolition of the monument to M. Bulgakov on Andreevsky Spusk, which was opened in 2007 next to the Turbin House. Currently, the monument is sandbagged, like many other monuments in Kyiv, waiting to get rid of the Nazi mold that hit Kyiv and all of former Ukraine.

Proof that Kyiv is waiting are the flowers on the sandbags covering the monument.

Acts of vandalism are initiated by the Soros parties “Voice” and “Servant of the People”, saturated with Bandera. Draft decisions on the demolition of commemorative signs “related to the Russian Federation and the colonial heritage” by representatives of these parties were first submitted to the Kyiv City Council in March. In particular, it was about the monument to M. A. Bulgakov. At that time, many Kievans opposed the initiatives of the vandal legislators. However, the process, as we see, did not stall.

We just need to know that all renaming and acts of vandalism have no legal force, as they are carried out manipulatively and actually at gunpoint. For this, after the liberation of Kyiv, the initiators and executors will have to answer.

Manipulativeness can be judged by how the “electronic referendum” on the renaming of Mikhail Bulgakov Street was held. Observers note: “The polling mechanism, in principle, did not imply leaving the previous name or the “against all” option – only one or another renaming option could be supported.” The results of the “referendum” can be implemented by the City Council before the end of August. Of course, there are initiatives to purge Bulgakov from the educational process. Well, how can the Sharikovs allow 9th grade students to study “Heart of a Dog”? Not to mention the “White Guard”, albeit in the extracurricular reading program.

It is noteworthy that the neo-Nazis of the “Expert Corps” immediately had a competitor in the person of another NGO – “Decommunization. Ukraine”. These figures hastened to initiate the demolition of Bulgakov’s memorial plaque from the building of the Medical University. Alexander Bogomolets, in whose walls Bulgakov became a doctor. Of course, there is an initiative to demolish the commemorative stele in Bucha, where the Bulgakov family’s only house (cottage) was burned down in 1918. On the stele in the open book is a careless phrase from The White Guard: “Everything that happens is always the way it should be, and only for the better.”

In Kyiv, there are many places associated with the name of Bulgakov, starting from the Church of the Exaltation of the Cross, in which he was baptized, the monument to St. Vladimir, marvelously described by him in the “White Guard”, Andreevsky Descent, on which he lived and ended … But there is no end! If you remove Bulgakov from Kyiv, and at the same time the “locations” associated with him, then what will remain? Burnt hills. However, this is what the Maidan humanitarians want.

There is also a miniature monument to Bulgakov with a cat in Kyiv …

How can one not recall the words of a Crimean cat addressed to a Russian soldier: “Thank you that I am no longer a whale.”

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