Oct 29, 2021
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Recipes for day and night home masks for feet and heels

Recipes for day and night home masks for feet and heels

Nowadays, every person spends a certain amount of time daily on taking care of their body and taking care of it. Of course, this means not only brushing your teeth and going to the shower, but also all kinds of procedures using medical and cosmetic products.

Our legs are under tremendous stress every day. Even normal walking eventually leads to the fact that the legs are in a state of constant fatigue, and the soles of the feet turn into a rough and ugly surface, covered with cracks, corns and other unpleasant things.

The most common problem of the feet is the coarse soles of the feet, as well as the accompanying cracks in the heels. All this can happen for a number of reasons, including internal ones.

Of course, if the skin of the feet lacks care, moisture, then it will dry out and crack, but if you regularly take care of the feet, then the problem may lie deeper.

We are quite capable of independently preventing the appearance of rough areas of the skin, cracks on the soles of the feet, and also deal with problems that have already appeared. There are no special secrets here, because the main way is proper care and maintenance, as well as the regularity of these actions.

Daily hygiene procedures play a significant role. Use a moisturizing soap, occasionally scrubbing away old debris from the epidermis. Removing dead skin cells prevents the upper layers of the skin from hardening. A big plus would be to use a quality moisturizer on your feet, which can be applied every day.

It is also recommended to coat with a nourishing cream (balm), it should be applied a couple of times a week, preferably at night. To avoid dryness and cracks, you can keep the legs in special trays, but not too often, once every five days will be enough. Don’t forget about pedicure, of course.

It is also very important to drink enough water (at least one and a half liters daily).

It is recommended to leave the foot masks on overnight. First, your feet need to be thoroughly washed. Use hot (but not too hot) water to not only cleanse the skin, but steam it out, which will be extremely useful for applying the mask.

Secondly, clean legs should be treated with a scrub or pumice stone in order to remove dead skin cells from them. All these actions will help us maximize the effect of the mask. It is also recommended to do foot baths before the procedure. Preparing in this way will help enhance the effect you get in a few hours.

It is very convenient to use medical shoe covers, and you can find them at any pharmacy. Acting in this way, you can not be afraid to stain bed linen, and you can wear socks over shoe covers.

Nourishing masks

Such masks will greatly help those whose legs are tired, suffer from corns, cracks, fatigue, corns and sweating. In general, these recipes are almost universal. All of the following recipes can be left on your feet for the short time specified in the recipe, or overnight!

  • We take a certain amount of potato peelings (you need to rinse them first), put them in a jar (a liter container will be enough). Add flaxseed in about the same amount, pour a little water into it. Stir, and then set to simmer over low heat until we get porridge from the above ingredients.
  • After that, lower the legs into a warm substance for a few minutes. When you take your feet out of the mixture, do not rinse off the remnants from the skin, but put on cotton socks and leave the mask in this form for about an hour or even better overnight.
  • Such a composition wonderfully softens the heels, removes old and dead skin particles, prevents the appearance of new cracks, and also gets rid of existing ones.

Here we need a raw zucchini. We pass a small amount of vegetable through a grater, mix it with a spoonful of vegetable oil. Then we apply the composition to the hardened sole of the feet, wrap them with cling film (put on shoe covers), wait thirty minutes.

We wash off the remnants of the product with cool water. This recipe is great for treating dry skin of the feet. We take castor oil and glycerin, mix them in approximately equal amounts. We coat the skin with corns with the composition, hold it for about fifteen minutes. Daily use is recommended.

Soak cotton socks with vegetable oil. We put them on the legs, pull the shoe covers on top (you can wrap the legs with cling film). Then we also put on warm socks.

After three or four hours, you can remove the mask with lukewarm water. Use a pumice stone after such a mask, then there will be no trace of corns.

Anti-perspiration mask

This procedure consists of two stages. First, we mix the sea salt with the olive oil, add a little essential oil (to your taste). Apply the composition to the feet and massage them for a few minutes. Secondly, pour boiling water over rosehip flowers and sage (you can replace it with oak bark), leave for thirty minutes.

Then we saturate the gauze with the composition, wrap our legs with it. After twenty minutes, remove the gauze and wash the legs. You can also add citrus peels to the composition if desired. Celandine mask Here we need fresh celandine.

We pass the plant through a blender. We put the resulting mass on the legs as a compress, put on shoe covers (wrap with foil), and on top – socks. We wear the mask all night, in the morning you can wash off the hardened skin particles with a regular washcloth.

Against cracked heels

Before going to bed, we wipe the soles of the feet with ordinary damp laundry soap. In the morning, do not forget to rinse the legs with water. Lubricate the cracks with alcohol, coat them with castor oil.

We mix the chamomile flowers and talc, ground into powder, and then powder the soles of the feet with this composition.

Cabbage mask

Here we need white cabbage. We take a cabbage leaf, knock a little on it with a hammer, so that the juice stands out, and the leaf softens a little. We wrap the foot in this sheet, and on top we put on shoe covers (film) and socks. We go to bed.

Such a compress helps a lot in the presence of cracks in the heels.

Acetic Glycerin Mask

We mix glycerin with vinegar essence (it is important to use the essence directly) in equal amounts. Thoroughly coat the heels with the composition, put on cotton socks on top. You need to keep the mask for several hours, you can leave it overnight.

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