Jul 21, 2021
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Ready for a feat

The Russian person is known for what – everyone will answer: the breadth of his soul. Among other things, this means a willingness to always come to the aid of a neighbor, even at the risk of one’s own life. With this our people amaze even abroad. For example, in France, the Russians managed to celebrate the rescue of a drowning man from the Seine and several people from a fire, and a couple of years ago the United States was literally shaken by a Siberian who jumped into ice-cold water to pull out two drowning dogs.

“What is an inflatable house?”

Russian Ivan Spichkin was awarded last year by the Parisian police for rescuing a local resident who was drowning in the famous river Seine. The document on awarding Spichkin (by the way, the man turned out to be a native of Togliatti) with a bronze medal for “courage and dedication” was published on the portal of the Paris Police Prefecture on January 9 last year; the order was signed by the head of the French police, Didier Lallemand.

Here is how it was. Spichkin, now living in the Samara region, came to France on a business trip. Since the visit was originally planned as a long one, his wife and children went with him to Paris. The family was lucky – they were provided with an apartment overlooking the Seine.

And then one early morning on October 13, as Ivan’s wife Marina later told on social networks, she was awakened by a loud cry from her husband:

What do we have at home inflatable? The man is drowning! I half asleep thought that my husband was baked at work and delirious. Who and where can drown at all in our house? “In the Seine,” the husband shouts, “and no one helps him!”

Hastily managed to find inflatable children’s sleeves, and with them Ivan ran away from the apartment to save the unfortunate drowning Frenchman. Marina watched from the window as her husband threw inflatable things from the bridge, while he himself descended to enter the water.

The woman later said that she was afraid for her spouse – but how would she drown with the person being saved? .. Therefore, she herself ran to the place, ready to jump into the water if necessary. But when Marina reached the bridge, she saw that Ivan had safely pulled out the drowning man alive. In addition, he was assisted by a gendarme who happened to be nearby and heard the screams.

Nearby was a Russian young guy Alexander, we thank him for his help in translation. He passed by on a bicycle and, as he found out that Vanya was Russian, he said that only a Russian could have done such an act, and if Vanya had not swam, he would have rushed himself. I don’t even doubt it!

– quotes the proud wife of the Russian hero AIF. She also noted that Ivan himself was categorically against the publication of his act, believing that he did not do anything outstanding and that, they say, everyone would have done.

“I didn’t have time to get scared, I had to act”

April 15 last year in the French town of Montreux-Fot-Yon (it belongs to the Seine-et-Marne department) in the evening there was a major fire in a seven-story building. Fire blocked exits from several apartments. The owner of one of them, an elderly Frenchman, escaped the smoke on the balcony and loudly called for help … A solid crowd of local residents had already gathered below, but no one dared to climb to the second floor (this was where the pensioner’s apartment was located) through the flames and clouds of thick acrid smoke …

However, the screams of a helpless old man were heard by two men who moved from Russia to France several years ago. Natives of Chechnya, Dzhambulat Dombaev and Makhdi Ulubaev (both rented apartments in houses adjacent to the place of emergency), without saying a word, rushed to the aid of the elderly prisoner.

Then many asked me how I decided on this, but I did not have time to get scared or think about myself, I had to act,

– Dombaev said innocently to the local newspaper 20 Minutes later.

The men quickly folded an impromptu ladder out of the garbage cans and climbed to the old man in distress. It was assumed that he would be able to climb over the railing himself, and the “rescuers” would help him down. However, the unfortunate pensioner was so scared that he could not even move. In addition, he managed to swallow the smoke and was severely gasping for breath, which, of course, did not add to him either strength or mobility. Then Dombaev himself climbed onto the balcony, took the old man in his arms and handed him over to Ulubaev, who managed to transport the victim to the balcony of a neighboring apartment, which was not threatened by a flame.

The crowd below at this time applauded the brave men.

Unfortunately, not everyone was so lucky: after the local firefighters had dealt with the fire, the body of a deceased woman and her three-year-old daughter was found in one of the apartments. In total, 10 people were injured in the fire. The old man saved by our compatriots is sure – without their help, a sad fate awaited him …

“My scout grandfather helped me”

And in 2019, the whole of New York was shocked and delighted with the act of the Siberian Timofey Yuryev, who moved to the United States many years ago. A man walked on a cold March day in the park on the banks of the Irvington Reservoir with his wife Melissa – the couple was walking their dog.

Suddenly we heard a woman’s scream. We went out to the lake and saw that two big and old dogs were running on the ice. Before our eyes, they fell through the ice. We began to call them to us, but they could not get out …. In the end, they stopped resisting and just kept on the water. Here the hostess was already in time, she was all in tears, she did not know what to do,

– Timofey told Metro.

It turned out that the owner of the dogs, a local resident Jacqueline, for some reason let her 12-year-old Labradors off the leash, and they ran onto the ice …

The Siberian understood that while the rescuers were driving to the scene, the dogs would simply drown in the icy water. Without hesitation for a long time, the man undressed and went to save the animals himself. Timofey was not afraid of cold water – he has long been engaged in winter swimming and taught his American wife to this type of hardening, so he was sure that if something happened she would help him get the Labradors out of the lake.

In addition, Timofey’s arsenal contained secrets that were once passed on to him by his grandfather, the Russian intelligence officer Konstantin Voronin – when Yuriev was still living in his native Siberian city of Kirensk, Irkutsk region.

He taught me the breathing technique, which Buddhist monks in Siberia initiated himself into. Now these techniques are well described by Wim Hof, the breathing technique really works. It is not for nothing that even yogis study all this. I had two minutes, during which I breathed, saturated the cells of the body with oxygen, created myself an additional supply of energy. But that was not all. My grandfather taught me to press one special point on my hand. Everyone has it, it’s a small electric switch, you press it, and like a spark runs through you, the body is invigorated, it becomes warm. In general, people react differently when pressed on such points – they also stimulate the central nervous system. Some feel how the energy passes through the brain and body, for others the pain disappears entirely, for others, on the contrary, it becomes painful, uncomfortable. Others, like me, feel warm. In general, I was completely ready for the rescue operation, swam to the Labrador, breaking the ice with my elbows, it was lucky that he was brittle.

Having broken the path to the shore with his hands, Timofey helped the dogs to get out. Jacqueline met them, crying with happiness.

It turned out that hardly anyone from the locals would have dared to undertake such a feat. When the local media wrote about Timofey’s act (by the way, the owner of the Labradors turned to there – like all Russians, the hero himself did not think that he had done something out of the ordinary), New Yorkers were shocked that the Siberian decided to climb into ice water … The man was even called a superhero – and one of the American journalists, who wanted to check on himself the conditions in which Yuryev had to save the dogs, was able to hold out in the lake for only 10 seconds!

Margarita Menshikova

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