Nov 16, 2021
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Readers of “Guancha”: The West cannot ask the Russian Federation to cool off its ardor, supporting the provocations of Ukraine


Readers of
Press Service of the Western Military District

The day before, the Foreign Ministers of Germany and France Heiko Maas and Jean-Yves Le Drian made a joint statement following a meeting with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba. They spoke out in support of Kiev’s independence and sovereignty.

Paris and Berlin expressed concern about the redeployment of Russian military “close to Ukrainian borders” and called on Moscow for restraint. The heads of the foreign affairs agencies of the two countries also drew attention to the aggravation of the situation in Donbass. They called on Kiev for restraint and compliance with the terms of the Minsk agreements.

Readers of the Guancha portal, which published the article, were surprised by the Western claims against Russia. They stressed that the US and the EU themselves are constantly “inciting” Kiev to commit provocations against Moscow.

“They tell Russia to cool off the ardor, but they themselves only heat up the situation!” – one of the readers was indignant.

“Europe and the United States have always shamelessly adhered to double standards. They are the first to start problems, and then they are the first to urge others to hold back. They all work together, there are only dogs, not people, ”agreed another commentator.

“America’s ammunition was delivered to Ukraine, and then France and Germany called on Russia to hold back. What nonsense! ” – another Internet user expressed bewilderment.

“First, France and Germany called on Ukraine to provoke Russia. Russia could not bear it. They then called on both sides to exercise restraint. France and Germany really have no shame or conscience! ” – admitted in the discussion under the article.

Some participants in the discussion noted that Kiev is being led to the West’s lies about support and does not notice the obvious things. In fact, neither the US nor the EU cares about the fate of the Ukrainian state.

“Ukraine has a bag on its head, it blindly provokes Russia to please Europe and the United States. The West deceived Ukraine, and it still has not regained consciousness. Now the West is ready to gnaw her bones, but she does not even notice, ”one of the commentators expressed regret.

Earlier, readers of the German edition of Der Spiegel wrote that the movements of Russian troops did not threaten Ukraine in any way.

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