Jan 4, 2022
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“Re-sniffed uholiz”: the director of Ksenia Borodina spoke about the statements of Kurban Omarov

Kurban Omarov is spinning as best he can, just to stay afloat and not disappear from the media space. Of course, the public knows him exclusively, as Borodina’s ex-husband, and this is not enough to be a celebrity, but Kurban clearly does not want to lose his status as a public person.

To improve his situation and attract attention, the man even asked for “Let’s get married”, where he was treated like a human being, instead of a prostitute or another low-maintenance employee, having slipped an employee of this show as a bride.

But, the next day, Omarov did not wake up as a super-star, because the audience only laughed at him. Then Kurban, apparently, understood how to make the media and the public talk about himself – to start sharing the impartial details of his marriage with Borodina. People love this. You look, and they will call on a TV show or to some “Alena, damn it.” In general, now the ex-husband of the TV presenter told that she was walking and instructed him with a friend.

By the way, many stood up for Xenia. Olga Orlova, a former lover of Borodina, pulled herself up, then Aiza Dolmatova said that knowing the host of Dom-2, she would never believe in the words of her ex-husband. Now the director of Ksyusha has also spoken out, calling the successful businessman a “sniffed out uholiz”.

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