Apr 20, 2021
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Ravshana Kurkova published a rare photo with her 59-year-old mother

17:24, 04/20/2021

In the picture, the Soviet actress Rano Kubaeva looks the same age as her daughter.

40-year-old Ravshana Kurkova appeared in many television projects, but she was best known for the role of high school student Angela in the TV series “Barvikha” in 2008, then the actress starred in the continuation of the story of wealthy teenagers – “Golden”. The artist rarely publishes photos with loved ones in her microblog on Instagram, and also practically does not share the details of her personal life. Today Ravshana published a rare photo with her mother, an actress Early Kubaeva

“May all the mothers of the world be healthy and happy!” – signed a photo of Ravshan (spelling and punctuation of the author hereinafter are given unchanged. – Prim. line. ). It is worth noting that 40-year-old Kurkova’s mother looks as young as her daughter. Earlier, the actress admitted that she and Rano were often confused and even mistaken for sisters.

Ravshana Kurkova with her mother Rano Kubaeva

Recall that Ravshana Kurkova was born in Uzbekistan and graduated from the philological faculty of the Moscow State Pedagogical University at the insistence of her grandmother. In addition, she attended a course of lectures as part of the Higher Directing Courses at VGIK. The actress also studied acting under the guidance of Tatiana Pyshnova, a teacher at the Schepkinsky Theater School. Ravshana Kurkova’s career developed rapidly and rapidly. In 2007, Ravshana Kurkova received the prize of the international film festival “New Cinema. 21 century”. The jury members highly appreciated the work of the actress in the comedy Three Girls.

As for her personal life, the star met her first husband, photographer Semyon Kurkov, at one of the student parties. A terrible tragedy occurred in their family – Ravshana lost her child, being in her fifth month of pregnancy. The relationship between the spouses greatly deteriorated because of this, but even after the divorce, Kurkova left the name of her first husband. In the winter of 2004, Ravshan got married for the second time. Actor Artem Tkachenko became her chosen one, but four years later the couple broke up.

Artem Tkachenko and Ravshana Kurkova

Since 2012, Ravshana met with the director of Glavkino, Ilya Bachurin, but the actress broke up with him in 2016. In the summer of 2016, the stuntman Stanislav Rumyantsev became the new chosen one of Kurkova, after which in 2017 the lovers secretly tied the knot. This novel of the actress was not advertised in public, so only relatives and friends knew about it. In July 2020, it became obvious that the lovers broke up when the participant of the “Bachelor” Natalya Gorozhanova announced that she was expecting a child from Stanislav Rumyantsev. The reality star admitted that she fell in love with a young man at first sight.

According to the latest data, at the end of 2020, it became known about the relationship between Ravshana Kurkova and Sergey Amaryan – co-owner of a popular boxing club in Moscow. Then the media wrote that Ravshana became a mother, and a surrogate mother gave birth to the actress’s first child. However, friends of her beloved Kurkova said that this news was false.

Sergey Amaryan and Ravshana Kurkova

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