Nov 19, 2021
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Ravshana Kurkova broke up with her lover, the father of her first child


41-year-old actress Ravshana Kurkova announced only in August that her son was growing up. And the media are already writing that she broke up with his father.

Ravshana Kurkova and Sergey Amaryan are no longer together. Information about the breakup of a couple raising a common son, Gaspar, was published by a number of media outlets. Allegedly, in September, the actress did not show up for the birthday of the co-owner of the boxing club. In addition, journalists managed to find out that Amaryan had allegedly already started a new romance.

They say that the father of Kurkova’s son is now dating Anna’s friend from the CREAM SODA group. It is possible that this romance began even before Gasparyan’s break with the mother of his son. The source of insists that Kurkova was left alone with the child, referring to information from the Telegram channel “Only to anyone”.

Kurkova, it is worth noting, has really not published joint photos with her chosen one for quite some time. Moreover, when in August the actress admitted that she had been hiding her son for a whole year, she already then posed for a photo without the child’s father.

Ravshana Kurkova with her son Gaspar
Ravshana Kurkova with her son Gaspar

My heart grows with my son. And, of course, this is the best year of my life: the most important, the main, the long-awaited, the happiest“, – Kurkova shared then.

More, the actress did not give a single comment about Gaspar’s upbringing or relationship with her boyfriend. By the way, according to rumors, the child was born with the help of surrogacy. In any case, Ravshana did not take long breaks in work related to pregnancy.

Kurkova is stubbornly unlucky in love. First, she tried to build family happiness with the photographer Semyon Kurkov, then with Artem Tkachenko, and then she was going to marry Ilya Bachurin. After that, the actress had an affair with stuntman Stanislav Rumyantsev. Now it seems that Amaryan has also been added to the “collection” of the former.

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