Oct 25, 2021
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Rats flee from Rublyovka

Rats flee from Rublyovka

Photo: TASS / Artem Korotaev

The blocks of luxury villas on Rublevo-Uspenskoe highway began to empty rapidly, the nouveau riche abandoned their luxurious homes, hastily dismissed the servants and guards. “Oligarchs” of various calibers had previously quietly moved abroad, but after the elections to the State Duma, the process became an avalanche.

Konstantin lived happily ever after – a high salary, a convenient work schedule, bonuses, gifts for various holidays. And it is not surprising: employees of bodyguards with extensive work experience were in great demand, first of all, in “big business”. However, this fall there is a sharp shortage of vacancies on the market for VIP security services. In fact, they are not at all.

“I have previously heard from a number of colleagues that it is becoming more and more difficult to get a new job. But what is happening now never happened. There are simply no places and, judging by everything, there will not be any in the foreseeable future, ”says a security guard from Rublevka.

His “oligarch”, along with his entire family, moved to the States, for good. They did not hesitate to tell the staff about this, plus they supported the words with deeds. Promised payments upon dismissal were stupidly “squeezed”, although the market for VIP services is quite narrow and everyone knows each other there. But those who leave Russia do not care about the reputation of a bad employer, they clearly put an end to the country.

If you look at any website for the sale of real estate, you can see that there are a lot of proposals for elite pitchforks. And their number is constantly growing.

“I no longer take such houses. Hopeless, nobody will buy anything. Accordingly, I will not receive my fee for services, and, as you know, it always comes from the sale of the object. In this case, you will have to travel and show real estate, spend time and money on gasoline. No, it is better to carry out several transactions for simple apartments in the same Odintsovo, although there is a lot of fuss, but guaranteed earnings, “says a private realtor Tatyana Ivanova

The problem is not only in the price, although at first the “emigrants” really try to expose their villas for countless millions, if not billions. The understanding very quickly comes that the invested money cannot be returned, the former “cosmic” real estate prices are in the past, and you need to make concessions. A discount of 50-70% of the offer price – until recently, this worked at the very least.

As a rule, the nouveau riche-provincials became buyers, although, admittedly, such transactions were rare.

For a month now, the ruble real estate market has been completely “dead”, as realtors say, the next day after the “elections” to the State Duma, even rare calls stopped. The reason is very simple – no one wants to be ranked among the Russian “elite” anymore. For it becomes deadly.

“The ruble is practically the quintessence of popular hatred in Russia, if your country“ flashes ”, no one will be spared here. Moreover, the first to begin to crack down on their owners are not alien crowds, but the servants and guards. 5-7-meter fences, which have become fashionable here in recent years, will not help. We are building them, but there is zero sense from this. That is, they built – there are no more orders. At all. We will re-qualify for the manufacture and installation of polycarbonate greenhouses, people need it. Ordinary people, ”says the foreman of the Moldovan guest workers Ion Kurcanu

Along with the outflow of residents, the VIP infrastructure designed for the nouveau riche is also collapsing. Rublevsk private schools (lyceums, etc.) either have already ceased to exist, or are on the verge. All kinds of design studios, real estate bureaus, hairdressing salons for dogs, agencies for hiring Thai personnel, super-expensive beauty salons, delivery services for “elite” food and drinks, and other similar structures are disappearing into oblivion. Barely glimpse of life in car dealerships, they switched to 100% prepayment, but there are no people willing to buy a Ferrari or Bentley. Local car services are thinking how to survive, while they only thought of firing staff.

An indicative moment is the situation at the traffic light, which is at the intersection of the Ilyinsky entrance and the Rublevo-Uspenskoe highway. Traffic cops are no longer in a hurry to block traffic and let, as before, another “oligarchic” car with a guard jeep. Especially in the “oncoming”, earlier here and this was the norm. And when from the side of the adjoining road the red light is on for too long, and the drivers start honking indignantly, the workers of the striped wand look around in fright and immediately switch the traffic light. They understand that the mood of the people is far from ideal.

The figures who profited from the robbery of the country are trying to manage to withdraw all their funds from the Russian Federation, it is especially indicative that in the third quarter of 2021 a record $ 33.9 billion went abroad. “.

Not a single ruble – “elite” apartments in the center of Moscow, villas on the Black Sea coast, and other expensive real estate objects have been put up for sale. All this, too, no one buys, because there is simply no one – the money is carried away in a stream outside the Russian Federation. Accordingly, any financial support of the business that was still in the ownership of the “fugitives” was completely stopped, the enterprises survive as best they can. A number of factories, with the presence of official owners, de facto passed into the ownership of the management, and the situation there only worsened because of this.

Unemployment of “near-elite” personnel is not the biggest problem. A competent auto mechanic always finds work, a gardener and a builder, too, a driver will change from a jeep to a truck, and a security guard will return to the Ministry of Internal Affairs or the FSB. Much worse are enterprises abandoned to the mercy of fate, where the bosses are trying to steal everything that the owners did not manage to take “over the hill”. Together with the next “lockdowns”, long holidays and other “innovations”, this threatens massive bankruptcies and an additional wave of unemployment. There is no need to count on the help of the authorities.

As it was in Russia a little over a hundred years ago, sooner or later the palaces will eventually go to those with whose money they were built. Enterprises too – history has a habit of repeating itself.

But the fate of the new wave of emigrants promises to be much more tragic. After the Revolution of 1917, those who fled from the Russian Empire with money stolen from the people settled quite well. Having family and spiritual ties with the European nobility, they joined their society and became part of it. Actually, they were this part, as they were strangers to the population of the country.

Only those who left their loyal empire empty-handed had to “taxi” in Paris and sing in the Cossack choirs of Russian restaurants. There were also enough of them. However, no one took away money from emigrants, neither did the assets they bought.

Now the situation is completely different. Firstly, it is not the “socially close” nobles who run to the “cattle” – the nouveau riche. They don’t like their own people, but here are strangers … Secondly, the origin of their capital is not only doubtful, it is frankly criminal. Thirdly, all the masks have been thrown off and it is no longer shameful to rob someone at the state level. “Combating money laundering”, “combating terrorism”, “Russian mafia”, … You don’t even need to invent anything special, and in 99% of cases all this will be true.

Russian “oligarchs” have more than once arrested accounts and assets, the latest events with the search in the house of Oleg Deripaska are from the same opera. It is curious that against this background, the majority of those leaving firmly believe that they are the ones who will not be touched abroad. For people, a significant part of whom have a frankly criminal or near-criminal past, this looks somehow ridiculous. But this is a fact. Westerners can only wait for the whole Rublevka to come running to them, and cover them in one fell swoop. The earnings will be fantastic.

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