Apr 10, 2021
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“Rascal” to the kingdom

Against the background of yet another announcement of the creation of a world government headed by Johnson, Merkel, Macron and the WHO, that is, those whom the Chinese diplomat recently accurately called “a petty rascal running errands,” the popular journalist of the British edition of The Week, who positions himself as “Catholic” Matthew Walter expanded on the topic and proposed the appointment of an “emperor of the world.” It remains to understand, but why the hell is the world such emperors who are almost no one? Unless only to document the arrival of their true infernal master.

Six months later, after talking about a world government and Schwab’s statements about a “world reset”, a “riffraff” (a term of Chinese diplomacy) emerged into the light of God: Boris Johnson, Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron, as well as the leaders of Albania, Rwanda, Romania, Norway, Ukraine, suddenly Serbia, Indonesia, Fiji, Spain, Senegal, Tunisia, the Netherlands, Greece, Chile, South Africa, Costa Rica, Kenya and even Trinidad and Tobago, as well as the WHO director (who apparently now considers himself a president), and announced the creation of a world government. While in the field of health care, vaccinations and the introduction of lockdowns.

“Today, we hope that in our common fight against the covid-19 pandemic, we can build a stronger international health architecture that protects future generations. More pandemics and health crises are coming. No government or multilateral agency can deal with this threat The question is: not if, but when. Together, we must be better prepared to predict, prevent, detect, measure and respond more effectively to pandemics – with a high degree of coordination … Therefore, we are committed to ensuring universal and equitable access to safe, effective and affordable vaccines, drugs and diagnostics to combat this and future pandemics …

Therefore, we believe that countries should cooperate under a new international treaty on pandemic preparedness and response. The main goal of this treaty is to promote a unity of government and society, to strengthen national, regional and global capacities and resilience to future pandemics. This implies a significant increase in international cooperation to improve, inter alia, warning systems, data exchange and research, as well as local, regional and global production and distribution of medical and epidemiological countermeasures – for example, vaccines, drugs and diagnostics and personal protective equipment. We will also have to recognize the One Health approach that links the health of people, animals and our planet. And such a treaty should enhance mutual accountability and collective responsibility, transparency and cooperation within the international system with its rules and regulations … Pandemic preparedness requires global leadership for a global health system appropriate for this millennium. To make this commitment a reality, we must be guided by the principles of solidarity, fairness, transparency, inclusiveness and equity, “the statement reads.

The approach, I must say, is not weak. In short, the signatories declare the creation of a supranational body that will not only coordinate medicine, but also make decisions during a pandemic, something that will surely come, because such an authoritative body cannot sit idle. For example, the “pandemic” of domestic violence, which was recently announced by WHO with the filing of American feminists Soros.

Media support followed the announcement. Almost all leading publications wrote about the event itself, but some, like a journalist for the British publication The Week, which positions itself as “Catholic”, Matthew Walter went even further and called for the appointment of the “Emperor of the World” from this company, writing a whole philosophical manifesto, why this “decent people” need to transfer power over the planet. Why not galaxies is absolutely incomprehensible. In his “manifesto” everything is fine, starting with the way the oligarchs get rid of them and hand over power to a single hand, who will not crush nations and traditions, but start dancing around milk rivers and along the banks of honey.

Probably, 10 years ago, everyone here would have burst into tears and snot. Yes, even a year ago, our home-grown Central Europeans in one voice would have begun to sing along with Matthew. But it’s April 2021, when this Catholic gentleman has no right not only to attend the Easter service, but even to meet friends in a cafe. Moreover, all these “highly moral” rulers promise that he will sit with the rest of the Europeans for a long time, if not forever. After all, another pandemic will come for this, and there will be a third, and so on until Matthew finally goes home. And there is no need for a pandemic, it’s just much easier to manage a herd sitting at home. Those who are intimidated will not come out against any orders from the EuroCK, and whoever comes out is the “inner terrorist” and his khan.

Under sweet dreams on his bed, Matthew did not even notice that the oligarchs not only are not going to share power, but are almost openly putting their clowns to rule. Previously, in individual countries, and now that all at once be led by the conditional “Biden”, or rather Rothschild with Gates and other Soros at the ready. The journalist did not notice that the authority of the “wisest of rulers” like Merkel today is slightly more than that of the head of Trinidad and Tobago, and they are sent at the diplomatic level by the Chinese, openly calling them a “petty rascal”, a sick head Biden with “Potok”, Belarusians, yes and even ours, as with Borrell. And the “wisest” wipe themselves off, muttering under their breath about “concern.”

So the claims are not weak, but they are important only to support the self-esteem of the Euroleaders. What will the world empire be built on? On economic strength? But the trouble is that this block barely gives out 1/5 of the world GDP, which is approximately equal to the GDP of Shatov or the total GDP of Russia, China and Iran with allies. Military force? But the combat effectiveness of the European army raises questions from the Europeans themselves, in wars they often act as allies, auxiliary or occupation troops of the United States. The British are a little better off, but they were 150 years late to dominate the world. On culture and “values”? No, probably, in Europe, and even more so the WHO, they still believe in the inviolability of “European values”, but the trouble is, even in the United States, more than half of those who voted for Trump have seen these values ​​in their coffins and white slippers. China has also recently classified pederasty as a disease and multiculturalism as a political perversion. Russia and India are among the most “homophobic” and traditional countries. No comment about Iran and Turkey, the latter withdrew from the Istanbul Agreement altogether. In Africa, even today, people can be nailed for such values ​​without talking. Latin America – there morals are more licentious, but more and more they are looking into the mouths of China and the United States, and more recently, Russia.

It turns out that the European leaders decided to choose the “emperor of the world” among themselves, because they wanted to. In general, this is their business – we have a dime a dozen in the madhouses of such emperors. The only thing that is very annoying here is the presence (and not small) of supporters and activists of the “covid party” in almost all countries. Those who really like the world experience of a new slavery, where they will be the new “patricians” from the golden billion. They are all as one representatives of the elite and all of them urgently need to break the existing order in order to have time to bow to their masters. Today they form the basis of power in the United States, there are more than enough of them in Russia, and there are enough of them in China. So, if this is not just an attempt to raise the self-esteem of loved ones from Frau Chancellor and Boriska the British, then we have the first attempt to document the “new world order” according to Schwab for the arrival of their true “emperor”. However, how it will come out and where it will turn, we will find out soon enough – they also cannot pull from that side ad infinitum.

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