Oct 15, 2020
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RAS: data on herd immunity to coronavirus will appear in a year

The President of the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander Sergeev said that the first full and reliable scientific data on whether collective immunity to coronavirus infection has appeared in Russia will be received no earlier than a year later.

According to TASS, Sergeev recalled that no one in the world has data yet about the duration of this immunity. There are cases when immunity from coronavirus lasts for a short time, but someone may have it all their lives. Full statistics, according to the academician, can be obtained only in a year.

Sergeyev also called scientific publications on confirmed cases of re-infection with coronavirus alarming. At the same time, the academician believes that according to the first results, this cannot be called a regularity.

Earlier, American scientists recorded the first case of re-infection with coronavirus in the United States. Scientists believe that this fact indicates that immunity to coronavirus may quickly disappear or not form at all.

Having studied the data of a 25-year-old Nevada resident, who first became ill in late March-early April, and then again in late May, but in a more severe form, scientists found that the young man contracted different versions of the coronavirus each time.

It was also reported about an elderly resident of the Netherlands who died as a result of re-infection with COVID-19.

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