Sep 12, 2020
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Rapprochement between Russia and China could be dangerous for the United States – National Interest

Strengthening relations between Russia and the PRC poses a threat to the United States. This opinion was expressed by the expert of the National Interest magazine Doug Bandow.

The author of the publication noted that Moscow and Beijing moved their relations to a higher level after the West launched an economic war against the Russian Federation. At the same time, the governments of the two countries continue to converge.

Bandow pointed to the close ties between states in the military sphere, and also shared the opinion that together Russia and China represent a significant counterbalance to US ambitions. The expert also noted that last month, Chinese leader Xi Jinping called on the Russian Federation and the PRC "to oppose hegemony and unilateralism."

Bandow said the United States now needs to sit down at the negotiating table with the Russian side and try to find compromises that will suit both sides. At the same time, Washington's goal should not be to make Russia its ally, but to "prevent it from becoming an ally of China."

The author of the publication also summarized that Moscow has its own interests, which "it will pursue regardless of Washington's wishes."

According to the expert, the United States and Europe should strive for a partnership with Russia, since this approach will bring them much more benefit.

Earlier, US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo said that China poses a greater threat to the United States than Russia.

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