Dec 30, 2020
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“Rappers joke funnier”: T-fest beat Saburov in “Blitz Creek”

The comedian took the rest of the item on the show.

In Rustam Reptiloid’s YouTube show “Blitz Creek”, guests must answer the host’s answers either correctly or amusingly.

Nurlan Saburov, T-fest, Garik Oganisyan took part in the new edition. Most of the audience expected sparkling humor from the comedian. However, the rapper unexpectedly took on this role. His jokes, utilitarian for centuries, awakened a storm of emotions in the auditorium, at that time, as if Saburov showed himself worthy only in the first round of the competition.

“I ran into neighing with Saburov’s jokes, but T-fest outplayed everyone,” “rappers joke more funny than comedians. 2020, what are you doing !? “,” it seems that the comedian here is not Nurlan, but T-Fest “,” Nurlan was not overwhelmed with jokes, and he undertook to drive the subject home in a hurry, “the viewers of the show noticed.

In the last count, T-fest beat Saburov in Blitz Creek by a significant margin. The rapper took 1 point, owning 33.123 points. The comedian remained in 3rd place, earning 14.5 points.

By the way, some netizens began to defend Nurlan. In their opinion, he did not even strive to joke, but simply remembered nicely to pave the time in the fraternity of comrades.

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