Oct 18, 2020
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Rapper Guf justified his participation in the new video of Yegor Creed and Timati

11:39, 18.10.2020

The musician explained that he did not know how he ended up in the video.

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On October 16, Timati and Yegor Creed released a joint video for the song "Starfall", which greatly surprised the fans. Not long before that, many believed that confrontation between the rappers had re-emerged after 26-year-old Creed accused a colleague of repeating his path, leaving the Black star label, recording a track with Morgenstern and deciding to participate in the show "The Bachelor".

In the new video, the musicians played on the theme of their alleged conflict: according to the plot, first Yegor refuses Timati to cooperate, but then agrees. The video also starred other famous and scandalous rappers: Djigan, Guf, Morgenstern and ST. As stated at the end of the video, there is still a continuation of this story ahead.

Guf and Timati in the video "Starfall"

Yesterday rapper Aleksey Dolmatov, known as Guf, unexpectedly justified his participation in a new video of his colleagues. “Everyone asks me how I ended up in this video with Yegor Creed and Timati. (Further obscene - Prim. row.), no idea how. I don't know how it happened. I'm sorry, ”Guf said in the Stories of his microblog on Instagram. He was also outraged by the book shown in the frame of the video, which is entitled "Alexey Dolmatov" The Way to Correction ".

Guf was surprised at his name on the cover of the book in the video

Meanwhile, Starfall has amassed half a million views in its first two hours of appearing on YouTube. A day later, the number of people who watched the video exceeded the mark of three million, and now it has already approached five. At the same time, Guf noted that he was saddened by the reaction of fans to his appearance, with which he appeared in the video. “There are also a lot of questions in the comments in the opinion of my pack, booth, wicket, the fact that I rattled off, what rattled me. (Further obscene - Prim. row.), What words have I read. I heard you, I will lose weight, I apologize for that too, I really feel uncomfortable in front of you, but soon you will see an old, kind, thin Guf, ”promised Alexey Dolmatov in the Stories of his microblog on Instagram.

Alexey Dolmatov promised to lose weight after criticizing his appearance

By the way, the artist put on weight while on vacation in the Maldives, where he flew with his beloved Julia Koroleva... The singer has already announced that it is time for him to correct the figure. It is noteworthy that the 41-year-old musician recently changed his image. As the rapper revealed, he dyed his brown hair green. However, in the video of Creed and Timati, the musician's new hair color is not noticeable under the panama hat.

Recall that Guf is one of the most scandalous Russian rappers who has not disappeared from the news agenda for almost two decades. Recently, the rapper has appeared in the field of press due to ambiguous antics and statements. At the beginning of the year, Guf went live in an altered state and quarreled with famous people, blaming them for his failures. After Dolmatov showed how he set his dog on a neighbor's, which caused an avalanche-like anger of animal rights activists on the Web.

Rapper Guf and Isa Anokhina during their marriage

In addition to the musician's work, his personal life is constantly being discussed, including a divorce from TV presenter Aiza Anokhina and relations with Keti Topuria. Despite parting with Aiza eight years ago, Guf continued to monitor the life of his ex-lover, interfering with her uninvited and causing Anokhina's anger. For example, he tried to spoil her relationship with Oleg Miami, declare that the pop singer spends time with other women. However, in September, when Dolmatov turned 41, Anokhina for the first time since parting publicly congratulated him on his birthday. She noted that Alexei was a disgusting husband, but became a good friend to her. As the TV star noted, not without humor, her ex-spouse gets away with something that others would not be forgiven. “Your limit of trust has been exhausted so long ago that it all became your charm!)” - said about Isa's ex-husband.

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