Apr 20, 2021
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“Rapper and heiress”: Sasha Novikova and Feduk starred for the first time for the cover of the gloss

"Rapper and heiress": Sasha Novikova and Feduk starred for the first time for the cover of the gloss

Feduk and Sasha Novikova

Today, a new issue of Tatler magazine went on sale, the main characters of which are 30-year-old Sasha Novikova and 29-year-old singer Feduk. The lovers adorned the May cover of the gloss and gave a rare interview about their relationship.

The author of the shooting was the fashionable star photographer Ksenia Kargina: in her picture, Sasha gently nestles on her boyfriend’s chest, and he seems to be covering her from the annoying attention of the press and the public. The couple was personally interviewed by the new editor-in-chief of the publication, Arian Romanovsky.

Feduk and Sasha NovikovaFeduk and Sasha Novikova

My first cover! I must say, this is very exciting and incredibly enjoyable!

– wrote Novikova, thanking all the people from the team who had a hand in creating this number.

Sasha Novikova and Feduk

In a new interview, Sasha Novikova and rapper Feduk recalled the story of their acquaintance, talked about their first dates, joint quarantine and plans for the upcoming wedding.

Recall that the first rumors about the romance of Sasha and Fedya (the real name of the musician – Ed.) Appeared in the fall of 2018. Only at the beginning of 2019, the rapper confirmed that he was in a relationship with the daughter of a famous restaurateur, after which they began to actively share joint pictures on social networks and attend social events together.

Feduk and Sasha Novikova

In the summer of last year, the couple gave their first joint interview as part of the “Evening Urgant” show, where they told the story of their acquaintance. In the same place, Sasha admitted that at first her family took Fedya with hostility: Arkady doubted that the rapper would be a good party for his daughter. Everything changed after their personal acquaintance – then Novikov realized that the musician’s intentions towards Sasha were quite serious.

Feduk and Sasha Novikova

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