Feb 15, 2021
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Ranking of the most easily trained dog breeds

Ranking of the most easily trained dog breeds

Choosing a dog is not easy, because everyone seems to be very cute, smart and loyal. To facilitate the agony of choice, experts draw up all sorts of ratings: by size, cost, adaptability to weather conditions, playfulness, coat length …

And, of course, according to the mind. After all, a dog that reacts poorly to the commands of the owner can bring more trouble to the house than joy.

Therefore, if you want your furry friend to be easy to train and respond to all kinds of commands, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the rating of smart dogs. But do not forget that any rating is a subjective opinion of experts, besides, there are always exceptions to the rules.

10th place – Australian shepherd

This breed is very friendly to people, but requires a lot of space to live and a lot of physical activity, therefore it is not suitable for living in an apartment. The coat of these dogs is short and does not require special care. They understand a person well and are quite easy to train, but there are some difficulties with the execution of difficult tasks.

9th place – Rottweiler

A posh powerful dog that is famous for its high pain threshold. Perfectly remembers commands, especially sentries: “Fas!”, “Fu!”, “Alien!” – and will serve as a reliable protector for its owners. This dog can live almost anywhere, even in an apartment, if you give him the opportunity to expend energy every day.

But this breed of dogs needs to be really trained, because, unlike the previous one, it is not so friendly to the people around it and recognizes any stranger as an enemy.

8th place – Doberman

Dobermans are one of the most fearless and very powerful dogs, despite their aristocratic and sophisticated appearance. A dog of this breed needs a powerful owner, in which he will see the authority. It is easy to train, quickly remembers commands and requires constant physical activity. Gets along well with children. It does not tolerate cold well, so in frosty weather you need to either keep the Doberman warm or wear special clothes.

7th place – papillon

A very intelligent little dog breed that is easy to train. Can carry out various commands and even repeat movements behind you. However, these dogs are quite picky about grooming. They are very energetic, vociferous, and it is difficult for them to live in confined spaces, and their fur requires daily brushing.

6th place – Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is a very friendly dog. Gets along well with children and does not bite. It is easy to train and listens to the owner well, so with such a dog it is not scary to send even a small child for a walk. Nature has endowed these dogs with webbed feet, making them excellent swimmers. Labradors are not afraid of the cold and can adapt to almost all living conditions.

5th place – sheltie

This breed of dog is very sensitive and understands the owner’s mood even by the tone of his voice. If the owner communicates with them rudely, they simply do not respond to his commands. These are very kind dogs that need the same kind owner. They get along well with people and are easy to train.

They understand the owners perfectly. Dogs of this breed tend to be wary of all strangers. Therefore, in order to avoid unpleasant moments, they should always be under the supervision of the owner.

4th place – golden retriever

Dogs of this breed are easy to train compared to many others. They can live in almost any conditions, but their wool requires daily care. They get along very well with people, other pets and are very loving. It is equally important that these dogs have a “soft mouth”, that is, they can carry even raw eggs without damaging them.

3rd place – German Shepherd

A very loyal and fearless dog breed. Learning is very easy and so fast that it’s even amazing. The Germans are simply born defenders and are ready to sacrifice their lives for the sake of the owner. They can even be guides for blind people. They see potential danger in every stranger, therefore, even when you shake hands with someone, they may attack your friend.

2nd place – poodle

A puppet dog that can often be found at performances in the circus. It is not surprising, because poodles are very smart and easily learn almost everything. They can perform commands typical of dogs, as well as dance, sing, and perform complex tricks. Of course, they are not the best protectors, but if you want to have a furry artist friend, then this breed is perfect.

1st place – border collie

Border Collies are considered representatives of the smartest breed of dogs, because nature has awarded them with a high ability to concentrate. They are trained as soon as possible. But border collie hyperactivity will be a problem if there are children in the house or you live in an apartment. Taking care of your pet is quite simple – it is enough to comb the coat from time to time.

The behavior and character of the dog largely depends on the attitude of the owner towards him. With poor grooming and inappropriate training, even the smartest breed of dog can be dumb. Therefore, it is important to remember that love is the best that you can give a dog, for which it will answer you with gratitude in the form of loyalty and reliable protection.

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