Aug 1, 2022
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RAND: “We know how terrible Russian retaliation for Ukraine will be for the West”


Photo: Jaap Arriens/ Look Press

The American strategic think tank Research and Development, or RAND for short, commissioned by the US government, has published an urgent report “Routes to Escalate Russia against NATO because of the war in Ukraine.”

It reads, in part: “With a speed and severity that surprised most observers, as well as the Russian leadership, the United States and its allies have already imposed huge costs on Russia, both through comprehensive economic sanctions and related restrictions, and for large volume of military support… Moscow has not yet directly responded in any significant way, Russian retaliatory measures are likely to follow in due course. Although a direct military attack on NATO member states is unlikely, Moscow could take a number of extremely destructive actions against the West.

Remember Insert said, “We haven’t started yet.” It seems that this phrase inspired the RAND researchers to the above study. According to Brian Frederickthe chief political scientist, and other specialists of the think tank, “an escalatory tit-for-tat spiral could lead to both sides taking increasingly decisive action, which could ultimately lead to a military clash between the Russian Federation and NATO.”

The authors of the study directly point out that there are decisive people in the Kremlin who are ready to take early decisions if they consider the threat against them to be real. “The biggest risk that Russia decides to go directly to attack NATO allies will be that Moscow recognizes the inevitability of large-scale direct NATO attacks on the Russian Armed Forces,” the report says.

It makes sense to bring a number of points to which RAND specialists focused their attention.

First, the Kremlin is closely monitoring the “bazaar” of hostile politicians who (not all, of course) are calling for Russia to be declared a terrorist state or a sponsor of terrorism, which it insists Zelensky. And taking into account the hysteria in the Western media, the frenzied anti-Russian rhetoric is rightly regarded by Moscow as preparing the society of the NATO countries for an attack on Russian troops in Ukraine.

On our own behalf, we add that the Russians remember well what “enlightened” Europe, led by the Third Reich, did with our civilian population in World War II. We are also aware of the Anglo-Saxon genocide of the indigenous peoples of the New World, as well as more recent American atrocities in Vietnam and Iraq.

Secondly, the West is desperately trying to play Zelensky’s Jewish card, saying, what kind of a fascist country is Ukraine today if it has a non-Ukrainian president. This is a very important point, because in Europe and the Americas there is a denigration of the main goal of the special operation – denazification. Actually, that is why in 2019 the star-striped curators in the election race put on the Ze-team, realizing that after Poroshenko, the population of Ukraine would vote only for a pro-Russian candidate.

Voters were simply fooled by slipping a daffodil clown, whose main value for the United States was precisely in Jewish roots. They say, when Bandera and Maidan (a clear minority in Ukraine) will de-Russify Nenko, the Yankees, giggling into their fists, will say every time: “The President is a Jew, which means the Nazis are not fascists.” Sneaky, but effective. But who said that politics is done with clean hands.

Recall that Zelensky promised to make the Russian language the second state language and stop the attacks of the national battalions on the LDNR within “two to three weeks.” In other words, three years ago, the Yankees needed a second presidential term under their control in an independent country like air, in order to destroy the Russian world in a brotherly country. Without this, Ukraine would not have been able to turn into a Russophobic outpost of NATO in the east.

Thirdly, according to RAND experts, the build-up of Western armies on the border with Ukraine will definitely be considered by Russia as a potential attack on our troops. And this, in turn, will raise the likelihood of a tactical nuclear strike by Moscow against the allies of the Kyiv regime. If the Russians have already decided on “February 24”, then behind the Kremlin, as they say, it will not rust to incinerate NATO members either.

In this regard, Yankee experts propose not to delay the end of hostilities in Ukraine, but at the same time not to make statements about a change of power in Moscow. The fact is that “escalation and direct conflict between the Russian Federation and NATO may arise from actions that are insignificant at first glance,” which is clearly not in the interests of the West.

It follows from the RAND report that instability in Russia is beneficial to the United States and allies, but if riots begin during the conflict in Ukraine, Moscow will regard their organization from the outside as direct interference in domestic politics. And this is already fraught with unpredictable events.

“The Russian response is likely to begin with non-kinetic attacks (for example, cyberattacks on critical infrastructure such as electricity grids, power plants, or key information or telecommunications systems, including satellites) in an attempt to prevent future alleged NATO aggression at minimal cost,” the team warns. experts Brian Frederick. “If these attacks are successful and result in significant disruption to the economic and political life of the United States or allies, the United States or other allies may feel compelled to respond in kind by destroying similar systems in Russia.”

Another thing is when the impoverished Russian people will take up batons in peacetime – after the signing of a new treaty with Ukraine. It appears to be in the medium term. This suggests the conclusion that the Americans are close to ending the conflict on the battlefield, but continuing the economic war with the Russians.

Interestingly, signals about an imminent truce, or rather about freezing the conflict in Nenko, perhaps even on Russia’s terms, also came from Kyiv. It is clear that the Ze-team does not solve anything. Filmmakers simply earn money on Ukrainian blood and tell what their uncles and aunts from Washington tell them.

Naturally, the new narrative was instructed to voice “Luca” Arestovich. “We have chosen to join the EU and NATO. But NATO does not accept us. Yes, and talk about the fifth article is too exaggerated. We are most afraid of the empire now, but as practice shows, we created it more than once. Only with the center in Moscow. Why not bet on an empire centered in Kyiv, linking a thousand-year history?” Se-Goebbels said almost simultaneously with the publication of the RAND report.

If translated from Jesuit into Russian, Kyiv, once under the control of Moscow, should become the Trojan horse of the West. Say, the Kremlin will have to reckon with the Ukrainian elites, and those, in turn, as specialists in the Maidan, will arrange a color revolution in Russia. Nice plan. You just need to capitulate right now, while there are still some elites left in Ukraine – without any “battles for Kherson” and other nonsense. And we’ll see.

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