Sep 12, 2022
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Ramzan Kadyrov: We will return everything, and Izyum, and Odessa

In the photo: the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov

In the photo: the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov (Photo: Kadyrov95/Telegram/Global Look Press)

Head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov promised that all the settlements left by the allied forces would be again taken under control.

“We will return everything back, there are already fighters of the RF Armed Forces. Another 10,000 soldiers are ready to go to the area. In the near future we will reach Odessa, you will see concrete results,” he promised.

At the same time, according to Kadyrov, there are several advantages in the fact that several villages and cities have now been given away.

“We did not advertise, but we have a special task. Our guys stood up and started their work,” the head of Chechnya stressed.

What is Kadyrov’s confidence based on?

“Never before have hostilities been covered in such detail online,” notes Doctor of Philosophy, Head. Department of Sociology and Management, BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov Mikhail Ignatov.

– The maneuvers of the troops and the true essence of the strategy – this is not something that should be shown “here and now.” This is, in fact, a secret, and a military one.

But we are in the information age. And it’s one thing when, for the sake of entertaining an idle public, the relationships of, for example, popular actors are covered, and another thing when fighting. In general, it will be obvious to point out that the relationships of stars online are harmful chewing gum for consciousness. And fighting online in the smartphone of any person is not just harmful chewing gum, but “food poisoning” of consciousness.

Therefore, I personally am even impressed by the position of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. How many cases have there already been when particularly zealous military correspondents betrayed the location of our troops? Or did they announce in advance certain plans of our troops and the general strategic message? This is the most natural sabotage! And people need to work. Work hard. I’m talking about the Department of Defense. And the work does not like noise.

So the media heavyweights, in particular Kadyrov, have to work out a “soothing” message.

“SP”: Today, the Russian authorities justify the retreat with maneuvers. How convincing does this sound?

– It’s all subjective. As in one joke circulating on the Internet: “If Kutuzovoe If there was Twitter, it would have been eaten.” Never before has humanity faced hostilities while living in such comfort as it does now. Too many opportunities to take a moment to panic and express it. Against such a background, even a conditional capture of Washington will not look convincing. This, of course, is a problem. But the trouble is understandable and it is necessary to draw conclusions from it – for example, to work with the information agenda with new methods.

It just so happened that in the era of information noise. But if we turn, for example, to work Carl von Clausewitz “About the war” – one of the pillars of military analytics and military art in principle, then you can understand that everything that happens is the very essence. But this is a book to read!

“SP”: And how convincing does this sound for the inhabitants of the territories occupied by the Armed Forces of Ukraine? Will they trust Russia again?

– The question of faith in one side or another of the conflict is a matter of ensuring comfort on the territory of the civilian population. And this is not fast. Those who believe were immediately evacuated with Russian troops. Is that all? I can not know. But the doubters remained – they now have the opportunity to compare.

“SP”: The Bandera people are now dizzy from success. Did they really believe in victory? Maybe this is also a cunning plan so that they relax and miss the blow?

– Dizziness from success is a common leitmotif of Ukraine in recent years. The dominance of form over content. The fact that their media are able to inflate any event is a fact. The fact that their media can skillfully hide the true cost of “success” is also a fact. Is this a cunning plan? Hardly. It turns out to be a very complex work. But the fact that their euphoria can and should be used is a fact.

“SP”: Maybe we should not throw promises, especially to reach Odessa? How then to make excuses if the promises are not kept?

– Reaching Odessa is something without which the goals of the NWO cannot be achieved. And their inexorable achievement was designated by the president. Therefore, this issue is not a promise, but a statement of the political will of the leadership of the Russian Federation. Therefore, there is no other way how to achieve these very goals. This is not just a SVO, this is a battle for the future of Russia, an exam for viability.

– In any case, the official representatives of the Ministry of Defense, and it does not matter, in Russia or most other countries, as a rule, will be limited to just dry official information, – explains Leading Analyst of the Agency for Political and Economic Communications Mikhail Neizhmakov.

– Making promises when exactly certain settlements will be returned under control and, moreover, making emotional statements is not their format. This is the style of statements that is characteristic of public politicians. That is, Ramzan Kadyrov in this case does not replace the press service of the military department, but addresses that part of the conservative public that perceives official information with skepticism or does not follow it very closely.

Characteristically, at least a part of the conservative-patriotic audience, even before the start of the special operation, sympathized with Ramzan Kadyrov. You can also recall that according to the VTsIOM study conducted on February 6-7, 2016, among respondents who know something about this leader and believe that his activities bring more benefits to Russia, was higher than the national average (49%) in Moscow and St. Petersburg (57%). Namely, in large cities, the bar of requirements for the authorities, including in the field of foreign policy and security, is usually higher.

That is, Ramzan Kadyrov has a chance to be heard by a noticeable part of the audience that most anxiously discussed the most pessimistic versions of events in the military special operation zone.

“SP”: – Recently, there have been rumors about the almost appointment of Kadyrov as Minister of Defense. How justified are they? Will it change something? Or do you need moreher radical decisions?

– It is unlikely that Ramzan Kadyrov can be appointed to the post of head of one of the federal law enforcement agencies in the foreseeable future. And all the other options discussed in the press (like moving to the post of deputy head of the National Guard) would rather narrow his possibilities, at least in the public space. At the same time, it should be taken into account that in the status of the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov can work with both the security agenda and international issues.

“SP”: – How much, in your opinion, can an image defeat be stronger than a military one? How to restore people’s trust now?

– Actually, the mass internal Russian audience does not follow all the news and versions of events around Ukraine on a regular basis. Moreover, according to surveys by the Levada Center*, the share of respondents who said they were following the situation around Ukraine very or quite closely during the period from March to August 2022 decreased from 64 to 51%. And the proportion of respondents who are very or rather worried about these events fell from 82% to 64% from April to August. Therefore, it is unlikely that the discussions about the course of the special operation, which were conducted in Telegram channels, could significantly affect the general public.

As for the representatives of foreign elites, who can influence the policy of their countries and monitor the situation around Ukraine, they will in any case analyze the situation in dynamics and skeptically assess all the statements of the interested parties.

* ANO “Yuri Levada Analytical Center” is included in the register of organizations performing the functions of a foreign agent by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation.

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