Nov 16, 2022
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Ramzan Kadyrov admitted that his daughter died


The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, decided on revelations.

The politician rarely spoke about the family. The secret was also how many children the head of the Chechen Republic had. Today, the head of the region spoke about this.

A few days ago, Vladimir Putin conferred the title of “Mother Heroine” on Medni Kadyrova, the wife of the head of a constituent entity of the Russian Federation. Ramzan Akhmatovich thanked the President for the honor.

I express my gratitude to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin for awarding the honorary highest title “Mother Heroine” to Medni Kadyrova! Attention to the women of our country has always distinguished the head of our state”, he wrote in the Telegram channel.

Ramzan Kadyrov with his family - photo from the archive -
Ramzan Kadyrov with his family

46-year-old Kadyrov shared what tests his family went through. “We bonded with Medni Musaevna in the 90s, when hostilities were still going on in the republic. In this difficult time, our family, like many others, survived at the expense of subsidiary farming – a garden, cattle. Immediately after the wedding, I left for a month in the mountains of Benoy. He returned, but did not see his wife: she went to her parents, who had a large and solid basement – an ideal place to escape from bombs and shells. After that I went back to Benoy. We haven’t seen each other for a long time“, – added the head of Chechnya.

As it turned out, in the first years of marriage, the couple faced the loss of a child. “Now we have 14 children. Although it should have been 15 – the first girl died shortly after birth. All these years, I rarely find the opportunity to be with them for any time.“, – recalls the politician.

But in all the years I have never heard from the children even the slightest hint of discontent. And even more reproach from his wife. The older daughters, having matured, admitted that in childhood they were often offended by me because of the lack of attention, but their mother distracted them from such thoughts in time, explaining that they needed to be a support to their father, and not a burden.“, – concluded the head of the republic.

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