Sep 11, 2022
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Rallying around the president: ER confidently wins elections in the Far East

Counting of votes ends in the Far East. Soon it will officially become known who will take the post of Head in Buryatia. The composition of the city dumas in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and Vladivostok will be determined, and on Sakhalin the names of the deputies of the regional duma will be announced.

Perhaps the main result is the impressive triumph of United Russia in the Far East. This has not happened for many political seasons in a row. Candidates from the party in power hold strong leadership in all regions. In Buryatia, for example, the United Russia candidate, the incumbent Head Alexei Tsydenov, is gaining 90% of the vote. And the gap between United Russia and the communists on Sakhalin is more than three times in favor of United Russia.

As well as the United Russia, the LDPR and SRZP noticeably lost their positions in the Far East. The young party “New People” was promising, but it also failed to show a serious competitive result.

Dmitry Elovsky, director general of the Actor communications agency, explains why United Russia has become the dominant political party in the Far East: “Of course, the efforts of regional leaders and Plenipotentiary Trutnev also had an effect. development, and people read it, people see it, and this affects the growth of support for United Russia.

He is supported in this opinion by RAPC President Alexei Kurtov: “The results in the Far Eastern Federal District, as in other regions of Russia, are affected by the rallying around the flag, which sociologists have noted lately. People’s perception of their lives is changing, the perception of their leaders is changing. more significant in people’s lives, so such support for the party in power is a completely natural phenomenon.”


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