Jun 30, 2020
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Rainy statuses about bad weather

Statuses about bad weather for those who are tired of the constant rain, wind and snow. We propose to approach the situation with humor!

From “too hot” to “too cold” — just a couple of daysbad autumn weather

  1. I don't envy the people who get up early. Whom they look to understand how to dress?
  2. Before the rain was resurrected, and now — washing machine.
  3. And, it seems, winter has not yet come, but November has decided that he has the right to decide who he really is...
  4. Do you know who the happiest person? One who loves the rain and the sun!
  5. Tangerine, tree, Christmas songs, home Alone, raining and +5 on the street. Heard heard...
  6. Moods that you don't care, ice or lightning: you're just happy going to work, because the evening will pay.
  7. Apparently, the weather decided to imagine that we are in London.
  8. Sunday supposed to rain, so we sat at home, watched movies and generally will not want.
  9. But what's the point of good weather if it's 8 a.m. and Monday?!
  10. There is such weather, when there is a desire only to draw something on the sweaty glass. Preferably lying down.
  11. Oh, the weather is bad. Catch would be somewhere such a bad girl...
  12. We have such a climate that we have to love to read and wrap yourself in a blanket...
  13. Fools, the rain made for romance. So you become each other closer to home and not wandering somewhere on the streets...
  14. Fall, I recall my childhood. The leaves, which I carefully hid between the pages. The thick clouds that oppressed me at that time.
  15. I just want to Wake up in the morning and not pay attention to the weather. Because next — you...
  16. Worst of all — when killing weather. Okay, husband is a fool, head to the contrary, but what?!

And who ever came up with the phrase “bad weather”?girl with umbrella smiling

Bad weather is the opportunity to think that you are likely to survive another Apocalypse. Choose a status about the rainy weather that truly makes you happy.

  1. We all don't have time for something meaningful. Why don't we do this when it's raining?!
  2. I never liked the rain. But this something turned in me...
  3. Cheer crazy: smile bad weather, and then you all will be on the shoulder.
  4. What if bad weather is a sign that we need to become closer?!
  5. We pay attention to rain only when we have some bigger problems...
  6. In order that the rain did not spoil the mood, the girl enough to buy a nice umbrella :3
  7. Sometimes, in the street shines brightly in the sun, and in the shower — a real shower.
  8. If the street is torrential rain, remember that clouds, while above them the bright sun.
  9. The rain always causes a strong impression. The sun not achieved!
  10. And for me, rain is a chance to spend the evening in a cozy coffee shop, or even nowhere to go...
  11. If you have time, order rain. And you will see how much time was freed!
  12. And I don't need much. I just need to in the rain you held me without a word.
  13. The rain has almost none of us like. But sleep under it as it drips slowly — priceless.
  14. These drops from heaven specially created for singles. Couples need a completely different weather!
  15. Need to marry with those who did not hesitate to go with you for the chocolate in bad weather.
  16. Rain is a good reason to go to bed early...

Remember that rain is what came after the sun. And the sun that came after the rainhappy middle aged couple with umbrella

The status of “bad weather” — for those who are accustomed not only to be sad in the rain or snowfall. Although, in fact, we all know that weather in the heart we create ourselves.

  1. Do not blame the rain, if you just have nothing to say casually met acquaintance.
  2. As for me, bad weather is too cold in winter or too hot summer.
  3. In order not to draw attention to the bad weather, you need to have heat the soul or soul the money for the car.
  4. Each of us had to be happy even in the bad weather. And even in childhood!
  5. We have Internet, washing machines and crock pots. But as soon as snow — and we immediately cut off from civilization.
  6. Worse unpredictable weather is just unpredictable girl...
  7. If on your job you can keep warm, so it is not so you have bad.
  8. I'm sorry that I can't change what you don't love me. But even more unfortunate that today the snow melts.
  9. Why most of the year on the street either bare or burnt leaves?!
  10. And as for me, let the rain comes. Just not on the weekends.
  11. The weather is the best proof that you can not trust anyone.
  12. Instead of having to wait the spring, something useful to do. P. S. Winter
  13. Instead of rubber boots and a funny jacket I would at least shoes and a leather jacket. Weather, I'm talking to you!
  14. For her generation, I'm not afraid. At least the global warming we are not yet in danger.
  15. Bad weather is when you don't really want to go home from work just because not to get wet...
  16. So you want good weather, that the idea of dancing with a tambourine no longer seems so strange...
  17. God, please, let the winter will be cold, but spring will come in time!

In General, bad weather — the most romantic in the world, because it can help to create the most incredible things! So catch your chance, if the window is circling the snow or pouring rain.

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