Apr 23, 2022
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Rainbow coffee is the new trend

08062016-hipstercoffee-sIf you’re in a coffee shop to enjoy your favorite drink and cheer up, be prepared to have something unusually colorful in your cup.

08062016 - hipster coffee

“Rainbow coffee” has become the newest trend. Now the coffee foam drawings are full of red, blue, green and yellow tones. By the way, despite its name, this drink, the idea of ​​which was born in Melbourne (Australia), does not contain caffeine at all – it consists of turmeric, beetroot and mate tea.

08062016-hipstercoffee1A healthy drink contains vitamin C, it can be used to prevent flu and colds, and also has anti-inflammatory properties.


However, not all Internet users appreciated the unusual drink, believing that there is no need to replace good old coffee with some innovative ideas.


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