Sep 13, 2022
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Railway junctions should burn after Ukrainian thermal power plants

Railway junctions should burn after Ukrainian thermal power plants

Photo: Press service of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation / TASS

The World Bank has estimated the recovery of the Ukrainian economy at $350 billion. This amount is likely to grow soon. Russia belatedly, but still began the methodical destruction of Ukraine’s critical infrastructure.

The first attacks on power plants have already deprived the Armed Forces of Ukraine of the possibility of transporting ammunition to the front line by electric locomotives. The next step, obviously, is the complete destruction of the railway junctions through which NATO weapons for the Armed Forces of Ukraine go.

Bloomberg: precision strikes on all power grid facilities in the northwest

Despite the forced regrouping of forces in the Kharkiv region, Russia still has many military tools in its arsenal to make Kyiv compliant. The most important is the destruction of critical infrastructure. Until recently, Russia has not resorted to this tool from humanitarian facilities. That is, she feared that civilians might suffer.

The incessant terrorist acts that the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Security Service are trying to organize already on the territory of Russia are forcing us to act more harshly. Attacks on Ukrainian power plants were immediately preceded by several terrorist attacks: an attack on members of the National Guard in the Kursk region and shelling of a border village in the Belgorod region.

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What awaits Kyiv without a peaceful atom?

It has long been discussed that Ukraine should be recognized as a terrorist state. And the format of the special operation should, accordingly, be changed to a counter-terrorist operation (CTO). This will mean that Russia is fighting not against regular military personnel, but against terrorists.

In this case, we can use the experience of Israel, which fundamentally does not conduct any negotiations with terrorists. Their destruction is carried out systematically, including all critical infrastructure. In this context, the destruction of power plants in Ukraine is not just legal, but fair.

High-precision strikes on CHPP-5 in Kharkiv on other electric grid facilities completely cut off power to 5 Ukrainian regions, the Ukrenergo utility company said. Power outages were confirmed by officials in the Sumy, Dnepropetrovsk and Poltava regions.

And the governor of the Sumy region Dmitry Zhivitsky urged residents to turn off electrical appliances so as not to overload the network.

Already last Sunday, public transport, including the metro, completely stopped in Kharkiv, there were water shortages. The power supply was restored – but on Monday, repeated precision strikes completed the just destruction of the Kharkiv power grid, writes the American edition of Bloomberg.

The US Ambassador to Ukraine suddenly woke up Bridget Brinkwhich accused Russia of attacking civilian infrastructure. In fact, attacks on power plants make it possible, first of all, to stop the advance of Ukrainian troops: for example, electric locomotives lose the ability to deliver ammunition to the front line.

The only question is why these blows were not delivered earlier?

Al Jazira: The Ministry of Defense made the right decision to regroup from Kharkiv region to Donbass

Kyiv officials, including Vladimir Zelensky sincerely consider Russian strikes on critical infrastructure as “revenge” for the Ukrainian “counteroffensive” in the Kharkiv region.

The fake is obvious. If you look at it, the “counteroffensive” itself turns out to be not at all a military success for Kyiv. Even the Kyiv generals were surprised at the speed with which Russian troops left the Kharkiv region, regrouping on the territory of the LPR: the Minister of Defense of Ukraine spoke about this with bewilderment Alexey Reznikov in an interview with the Financial Times.

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The position of the European Union on the conflict in Ukraine may change – the cold will do its job

However, what Kyiv passes off as its success may turn out to be an operation previously planned by Moscow.

Military expert on Russia from the University of Bremen in Germany Nikolai Mitrokhin in an interview with Al Jazeera, he explains why Ukrainian troops were able to occupy the Kharkiv region with such speed and ease.

– The Russians left practically no artillery or armored vehicles. According to video footage from the area and Ukrainian military reports, the Russian retreat from the heavily fortified area was in no way different from the stampede that followed heavy fighting, Mitrokhin says.

There is only one narrow road that connected the cities of Kupyansk and Izyum with the territory of the LPR. However, during the regrouping of forces, this highway was not clogged with equipment – it did not move chaotically, but systematically. Moreover, the movement did not last for a few hours at all (Kyiv misinforms that it managed to capture the Kharkov region in 3 days), but for several days.

Mitrokhin is sure that all this clearly indicates that the decision to regroup forces was made in advance in the Kremlin – manpower and heavy weapons will now be more effectively used in the LNR and DNR.

“The Russian Ministry of Defense made the right decision to completely withdraw troops from the Kharkiv region and use the available resources to hold positions in the Donbass,” says expert Mitrokhin.

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