Oct 14, 2020
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Radio astronomer Alexei Arkhipov: there are ruins of ancient cities in the pictures of the Moon

There is a very popular hypothesis among ufologists, according to which the Americans stopped flying to our satellite for the simple reason that there are alien bases there, and people were simply forbidden to visit the moon. There is even more controversy about the nature of the moon's origin. There is an opinion that our satellite is hollow inside, is an artificial structure brought to the Earth thousands of years ago by alien civilizations. This theory, although it sounds extremely incredible, has thousands of supporters around the world.

Alexey Arkhipov is a radio astronomer who studies images of the Moon, trying to find traces of extraterrestrial civilizations. Over the years, he studied many photographs, making sure that there are ruins of buildings on the moon, which may be man-made.

In his research, Arkhipov based on the structure of earthly cities, which from the air look like grids. It was similar structures that he began to look for in photographs of the moon, finally finding what he had been looking for for many years. Unusual structures have been found near the Schreter crater and south of the craters Eratosthenes and Cyril.

Alexey Arkhipov notes that one of these objects was found by the Lunar Orbiter-3 apparatus near the Hortensius crater and was subsequently named Jericho. After his discovery, the radio astronomer stated that the "city" found on the moon could be a legendary city from the Bible.

Moreover, Arkhipov draws attention to the fact that the burials in Giza from a height are similar to those that were removed on the lunar surface during the orbital images of the Apollo 15 mission, so this fact should not be ignored. Based on the results of his research, Alexey Arkhipov said the following:

“I was looking for rectangular formations. Why? Because this is exactly the type of objects that is the object of terrestrial archeology. In particular, aerial archeology of the Earth.

And by analogy, it is interesting to look for the same objects on the Moon, similar formations. Not as evidence of the habitability of our satellite, but as objects for further research ...
Well, here are the same, for example, rectangular formations on the Moon. They are formally similar to what archaeologists are interested in in aerial photographs of the Earth. "

Recently, many amazing images of the ruins of structures have been received on Earth. This was made possible by shooting from a height, so it is important to use this method on other planets that may have been inhabited in the past.

Supporters of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations pay attention to many myths and legends of different peoples of the world, which describe the gods who descended from heaven. So maybe these legends contain our history, and the gods are representatives of other civilizations that had the technology to travel through space?

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